5 Common Sign Up Questions We've Answered

Whether you’re new to SignUpGenius or an online sign up expert, you will likely have a few questions when planning an event. You can simplify organizing in just a few minutes with our online sign up software – saving time and stress with a suite of powerful features. By automating tasks such as volunteer coordination and attendee registration, you can focus on making your event a success. 

We’ve provided answers to some common questions that arise when creating a sign up, and you can always check out our FAQ’s to learn more about specific features and topics.  

What is SignUpGenius?

SignUpGenius is an online sign up solution that replaces the need for paper sign up sheets and reply all emails. The tool simplifies event planning and volunteer coordination, making it easy to streamline communication with your group.  

The software was inspired by a busy family looking for a better way to organize groups for church, school, sports and more. The tool was designed to be versatile, giving you the power to plan everything from small gatherings with family and friends to large scale events. You can choose from over a thousand designs to customize the look of your sign up.  

People use online sign ups to accomplish their goals and make a difference in their communities, from organizing groups of volunteers to scheduling training and appointments.  

Is SignUpGenius free?

We offer a free plan with basic features such as email invites and reminders, online payment integration and access to hundreds of free sign up themes. This plan is best suited to people who plan small events like class parties or potlucks.  

If you have more complex organizing needs, premium plans offer advanced features to help groups such as small businesses, nonprofits and schools. Premium subscriptions include the ability to remove ads from sign ups, add multiple administrators, access exclusive themes and much more.   

Large organizations like companies and school systems are best suited for an Enterprise plan, a custom software solution created by our support team. Enterprise plans are designed to meet the unique needs of each client and offer access to exclusive features such as portal pages, SignUpGenius brand removal and a dedicated account manager. 

Does SignUpGenius integrate with other apps?

Our tool offers a number of helpful software integrations to boost your organizing power even more. You can sync your sign up with Zoom to plan a video conference or link to Google Maps to share your event location. You can easily activate these integrations as part of the sign up creation process.  

SignUpGenius is part of Lumaverse Technologies, a suite of software solutions that simplify scheduling, volunteer and member management, event planning and fundraising. 

Our software integrates with our partner solutions to streamline workflows and increase productivity: 

  • Membership Toolkit, all-in-one software that simplifies group organizing for PTOs, booster clubs, HOAs, social organizations, scouts and small nonprofits.
  • Fundly, an online crowdfunding platform.
  • NonProfitEasy, a CRM solution created for schools and nonprofits. 
You can sync your data collected from sign ups with popular apps like Constant Contact and Salesforce with our Zapier integration. The platform shares information between your web apps automatically, so you can time on your highest priorities. 

Do you offer tutorials?

Yes! Our video tutorials share tips on features like time slots and reports to help you make the most of your sign ups. Topics include:

 Visit our YouTube channel to watch these videos and more helpful tutorials and case studies. 

How can I use SignUpGenius to make life and work easier?

Many people discover SignUpGenius when they sign up for an event and realize the tool can help simplify their own organizing. Online sign ups make it easy to bring your groups together to connect and make an impact at work, school, in the community and more. Whether you want to start a book club or remove the hassle of planning work events, you can make it happen with our tool. 

The possibilities are endless! Read about some of the ways people use SignUpGenius to grow their businesses and nonprofits and uplift people in their communities:

We hope these tips help you use SignUpGenius to accomplish your goals and have more time to spend on what matters most to you. 

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