Back to School Savings: Get Premium Features for a Special Price

Start back to school season strong with upgraded tools that make organizing simpler than ever! Online sign ups make it easy to host events, manage schedules, plan activities, and much more.

Our premium plan gives you access to helpful features  to use during the school year, like adding multiple administrators to help manage sign ups or accessing tools for automating sign ups.  

Jump on this deal today and save 10% on our annual premium plan. That’s like having 3 months free, compared to our month-to-month plan rate! Be sure to enter code Back2School22 before the deal ends on September 15, 2022

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There may already be signs that your school can do more to streamline event and volunteer management. You can check out our advanced features library to see how you can  take organizing to the next level with your premium plan. Here are just a few examples: 

  • Design Custom Sign Up Themes - Whether your sign up is for PTA volunteers or a new club, personalization brings school spirit and easy recognition to participants. Building your custom theme is easy, and you can always save your design for future sign ups. 
  • Add Stop/Start Dates – Keeping everything on track can be difficult if you have an overwhelming amount of people trying to sign up at once or too many last-minute changes. With our add stop and start dates feature, you can set a specific date for the sign up to start accepting participants and a time for the sign up to close - allowing no further changes from anyone but you. 
  • Attach Files to Sign Ups – Wouldn’t it be nice to send out forms and waivers with sign ups for sports teams? How about a parent agreement form for field trip sign ups? Luckily, this is entirely possible with our premium plan. Simplify the sign up process and cut down on time spent sending separate emails or take home forms and waiting for them to return. 
Back to school is a busy time for administrators, teachers, parents, and students. It’s best to kick the season off being prepared and equipped with everything you need to succeed for the year. Get started today! 

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