Genius Hack: Send Text Messages to Your Group

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Need to get time-sensitive information to your event participants quickly? Our text messaging feature can help you communicate important details to your group or send event invitations straight to their mobile phones.

And a bonus? You’ll avoid those pesky reply-all group text chains that keep your phone buzzing all day long.

Text Messaging is Perfect For:

  • Coaches updating team parents on game time or location changes.
  • Nonprofit coordinators reminding volunteers of their shift details, where to check in or what to bring.
  • PTA leaders inviting busy parents to sign up for events — on-the-go members can easily click on the link in the text message and sign up on their phone!
  • College organization leaders reminding students of their sign up slot commitments a few hours beforehand.

Set Up Text Messaging 

To get started, invite your sign up participants to opt in to receive text messages.  

Log in to your account and click the Messages icon on the left side of the Sign Ups account page. Once you hit the Compose option, click on Text Message. You can then send an email that will invite people in your group to opt in to text messages. 

Your group participants will receive an email with a button that takes them to our site. They’ll enter their mobile phone number and submit if they’d like to receive texts. 

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Once people have opted in, head back to the Compose area of Messages to send a text message to your group members. After selecting Send a text message to people participating in a sign up, choose the correct sign up and who you want it to send to — people who have signed up, people who haven’t signed up, people in specific groups or individuals in slots you choose. 

Next, compose your text message. You have the option to include the sign up link and your mobile phone number as reply-to info. Plus, you can still send the message as an email for participants who haven’t opted in to receive texts.

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After you preview and send, you’ll get a confirmation email, and your group members will get a text message.  

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If you’re on our mobile web app, look under the Tools area and select Messages to compose a message on your phone through the same steps. 

Participants who don’t opt in to texts can receive updates via email instead, and your participants can opt out of text messages at any time. 

Silver subscribers can send up to 150 text messages per month, Gold has access to up to 500 and Platinum accounts can send up to 1,500. 

With this powerful feature, your group organizing will be more efficient than ever! Get started with text messaging today.

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