5 Features You Didn’t Know About

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SignUpGenius offers an expansive list of resources to simplify your planning and scheduling needs. But, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all the features and tools available to you. Below are five super helpful features you may not know about — but trust us, they will take your sign ups to the next level! 

Slot Swapping

Gone are the days of micro-managing every sign up you create. With the slot swap feature, everyone who signs up for your event will have the ability to trade slots with others. This is perfect when you have multiple dates and times on the sign up.

The best part? You don’t have to be involved in the process at all! Just sit back, relax, and receive instant notifications as your sign up slots are swapped between participants.

screenshot of preferences section showing slot swapping

Sign up participants can locate this feature when logged into their account and viewing the sign up. Under their name, they will see the option to request a swap. From there, they will be able to select one or more persons whom they wish to swap slots with.

screenshot of slot swapping option on sign up

Default Sign Up Settings

Ever wish you could make it so that you never get any sign up notifications or that you don’t have to select certain settings every time you create sign up? With our default sign up settings tool, you can pre-select certain features and lock them so that they are the default option on every sign up you create.

This way, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to select certain settings and it further streamlines the sign up creation process. Simply select the account profile icon in the top right of the screen to access the Settings option in the toolbar below.

screenshot of sign up settings area

Calendar Sync

First, it’s important to note that there are two calendar syncing features on our site – one geared for sign up participants and one tailored for the sign up creator. When a participant signs up, they have the option to add the item to their personal calendar.

Our calendar sync feature will add any and all sign ups to their personal calendar and will continue to do so for future sign ups.

screenshot of add calendar sync window

With our calendar sync feature, sign up creators can sync the entire sign up to a personal calendar program. This feature is perfect when your sign up is booking appointments and you need them to sync with your personal calendar. Anytime someone signs up, their time slot appointment will automatically be added to your personal calendar.

screenshot of option to add to calendar

Volunteer Hours Reports

All sign up creators can run reports on their sign up to access information that has been collected on the sign up. But did you know, we also offer a volunteer hours report as a Premium feature?

With this tool, you can track the number of hours a person has signed up for across one or more sign ups. This is perfect when you need to keep track of the number of hours that participants have served within a given period of time. You can view aggregate hours or a breakdown of specific times served for each participant. No matter what you utilize these reports for, they can be exported to Excel for your furthered use.

screenshot of calendar sync option


This one is too good not to share! Did you know that we offer integrations with other applications? This is the perfect way to super charge your sign up capabilities. We offer integrations to hundreds of applications with Zapier. But, we also offer some powerful integrations with partner companies such as Nonprofit Easy and Fundly.

With our NonProfitEasy integration you can connect sign ups with a CRM application to power further participant data management. Our Fundly integration gives you the option to connect the best fundraising tools with your sign up. You can even have a status bar on the sign up showing progress toward a fundraising goal.

screenshot of integrations options

Wow! You just boosted your genius score by learning about these additional features. Now you’re ready to create sign ups with even more power packed features. So get started organizing your next event today!

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