4 Fundraising Tips to Maximize the Money You Raise

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Fall activities often mean a return to fundraising in zealous for many groups. Skim these unique and useful ideas to organize a season of fundraising that won’t burn out your group — and will prove cost-effective.

Start with a Strategy

The planning process is key to running a successful fundraising campaign. Get started with these tips:

  • Define achievable goals by establishing metrics beyond a dollar amount. For example, if you’re raising money to send kids to camp, determine how many kids you aim to send. Nail down a timeline — if your goal has a hard deadline coming up soon, you may want to consider a capital campaign.
  • Take time to analyze the donors you will be targeting. Come up with fresh and creative fundraising ideas that will work well with your audience.
  • Recruit participants and retain your team of volunteers with good communication and detailed training. Make sure to also give them the appreciation they deserve! Genius Tip: Coordinate an appreciation day with an online sign up.
  • Prioritize communication with both volunteers and donors. Take advantage of custom confirmations and reminders to communicate important details to group members.

Fundraising Ideas

Once you have the initial plans in place, it’s time for an idea brainstorming session! Start with these fundraiser ideas:

  • Plan a festival or carnival for a fun night that brings your community together and helps raise money for your cause. Use these festival game ideas to keep costs low and proceeds high.
  • From college groups delivering library study snacks to elementary kids putting on a “culinary kids” night, these fundraising ideas for clubs can work for any extracurricular or social club.
  • Get your business involved in doing good by raising money for a nonprofit with these office fundraising ideas — from “Jailing the Boss” to organizing a corporate yard sale.
  • Raise money with your church to support local outreach efforts or mission trips.
  • Try classics like a silent auction, dance-a-thon and many more creative fundraising ideas for elementary school kids to high schoolers.
  • Collect money on your sign ups to raise money for your capital campaign, sell tickets or register participants.
Start planning now to avoid the rush of year-end donations. With these tips and tricks, you’ll get a head start on raising capital while saving yourself time. Genius!

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