Genius Hack: Managing Calendar Subscriptions

illustration of key and SignUpGenius lightbulb with text Genius Hack: Managing Calendar Subscriptions

Let’s face it, life can get pretty hectic. With all the meetings and events, it’s important to manage your calendar well. So, when you are booking appointments or planning events with SignUpGenius, shouldn’t it be easy to schedule those on your calendar as well? We’re glad you asked!

With our calendar sync feature, you can integrate your online sign up and your calendar program. Anytime someone signs up for a time slot, the meeting or appointment is automatically added to your personal calendar — making it easy to keep all your appointments up-to-date in one place. 

Set Up Calendar Subscriptions

To get started, go to the Tools icon on your account and select the Calendar Subscriptions icon.

screenshot of tools area where you can select calendar subscriptions feature

You can sync one or multiple sign ups to your calendar program. Once you’ve selected the sign up, you can easily sync it to your calendar program. It’s so easy, you can link the calendar in a matter of a minute or two.

screenshot of message that appears when you add entries to your calendar

View Appointments and Events in Your Calendar

Once you’ve set up the link, you’ll be able to view the appointments on your calendar program. As more people sign up, the appointments will appear on your personal calendar. You can easily see the name and appointment booking along with a link back to the sign up. This is very helpful if you have multiple sign ups synced to your calendar.

screenshot of online apple calendar showing mini session event

You can set reminders or use your calendar application tools to help you best manage your appointments. Now you don’t have to worry about missing another appointment or double-booking yourself. You can manage all your appointments, including the ones on your sign up, in a single calendar program.

Want to make sure your participants don’t forget to show up for the appointment either? No worries! In addition to the automatic sign up reminders that we generate, we also offer participants an option to add the sign up to their personal calendar as well.

With SignUpGenius, we’ve got all your scheduling needs covered. Looking for an even more robust appointment scheduling tool? Be sure to check out TimeTap — our partner company trusted by major organizations for their Enterprise-level scheduling. Either way, we’re here to help you simplify your appointment scheduling needs.

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