How to Get the Most Out of Your Free Trial

When you start a SignUpGenius free trial, it’s imperative that you make the most out of your limited time. We want to help you take advantage of all the features that are available with a free trial. This way you can better see how the features work and make the best choice about the features you need. 

During your premium plan trial, you’ll find that the software has a lot of flexibility as well as functionality. To best take advantage of your free trial, it’s important to understand the various ways that a sign-up can be designed and the features that are available to enhance and automate sign up related tasks.   

Here are a few tips to make sure you are taking full advantage of your trial. 

Consider your needs 

You’ll want to consider what your account is primarily being used for and the types of sign ups that you are sending on a regular basis. Knowing this up front will help you know the features you are going to need.  

Sign ups are helpful for a multitude of uses. You can use them for scheduling multiple appointments, registrationsmeal delivery, RSVPs and more.  

Make sure to check out our Resources and Tips page for helpful content in all of these categories — from icebreakers to seasonal activities and more. We also highlight features and their many uses in our Blog section and explain how different types of groups can utilize them for their planning efforts. We also provide a library of blogs that cover our various features and outlined how to set them up.

Learn the sign up basics 

Now that you’ve started to get a feel for what types of sign ups you may want to create, let's get into the basics of how to create a sign up. If you’re new to our tool, you’ll be a pro in no time!  

When creating a sign up, there are several items you’ll want to think through. Decide what type of sign up you need and be sure that you correctly assign dates and times to slots. Also, consider the information that you want to collect from your audience when they sign up, and plan how to share or promote a sign up to your audience. 

Our tool offers a lot of customization when it comes to creating slots. The step is a powerful feature because it allows you to create multiple unique slots and assign them to specific dates and times. You can even select the number of volunteers you need for each unique slot. This gives you the flexibility to customize the sign up into shifts or roles that are unique and perfect for organizing volunteer roles. 

We also offer a lot of features for promoting your sign up. You can send sign up invites directly from our site or share the link on social media or from your own email program. You can also copy the URL and use it to create a sign up button on your site or embed the sign up on a website with our Enterprise plans

Try out these popular premium features 

The most important aspect of a free trial is the opportunity to use premium features and see how they work for your benefit. Here are a few of our favorites: 

Also, check out these additional popular premium features to see how they help power organizing efforts. 

Custom notifications 

Custom notifications allow you to create a custom message that is included in your sign up confirmation or reminder emails. This is a great way to include additional instructions or reminders to participants who have signed up. 

To set up this feature, go to the Messages tab on the left side of your account page. From there, you can select whether you want to create a custom reminder or confirmation email template. 

Confirmation emails ensure that your participants know they successfully signed up but allow you to customize the text they receive upon signing up on your link. 

Additional admins 

If you are using your account for a larger group, having additional administrators is a great way to share the responsibility, and eliminate overwhelming one person with all the tasks.  

Our Additional Admin feature is offered during your trial and can give you a feel for how to operate with assigned out roles. This feature allows you to choose the account level permissions of each admin so that you can control each admin’s visibility and authority in the account. 

To access this feature, click the Tools tab on the left side of your account. Once there, click the Manage Administrators button and you will have the ability to create a custom role with custom permissions, or you can add individuals to one of the roles already created within your account.  

Custom questions 

Adding custom questions to your sign up allows you to gather the necessary information you need from participants prior to your event. Attaching custom questions to your sign up allows you to build a registration form that collects specific information from participants as a part of the sign up process. The fields can be customized in a variety of ways from a text box to a drop-down list to selectable boxes. You can find this feature in the Settings tab when creating a sign up.  

Follow up with support 

Once your free trial has come to an end, it’s time for you to decide which plan makes the most sense. Our support team is always available to help you make this decision and walk you through the next steps if you need additional assistance.  

Now that you know how to get started and features that will help make the most of your trial, what are you waiting for? Start creating sign ups with premium features today!  

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