Organize Your School Events for the Entire Year

Back to school means another year full of events. Online sign ups are the perfect way to schedule classroom parties, plan teacher conferences, and coordinate school wide events such as the bookfair, fun run volunteers and more! It also means parents will be getting all those SignUpGenius invites (at least, that’s what we’ve heard)!

Fortunately, we can help you single-handedly plan your sign ups for the year, limit the number of invites and reduce stress for your participants. Try a few of these simple tips for organizing all your school year sign ups.

Consolidate Sign Ups

First, it’s best to consolidate all sign ups into one account. This way, you can streamline sign up invites and communication from a single location.

If you have multiple sign up creators, they can transfer their sign ups into a single account for the school. With our Multiple Admin feature, you can assign additional admins to the account and give them permissions to create and manage sign ups in the account.

Index Page

All active sign ups with current dates in your account appear on a single index page. If you have a number of upcoming events, you can create all your sign ups but refrain from sending out invites for each sign up. Instead, direct parents and volunteers to the index page link to locate the sign ups related to your school events. That way, they can sign up for several opportunities or events at one time.

available sign ups index page

To get the link to the index page, select the Tools icon in your account. Then, click Web Button Builder. This will allow you to access the link to the page that will display all of your active sign ups. Copy the link and share it with your parents and volunteers in a single invite, such as the school newsletter, or post the link on the school website for easy access.

web button builder link to index page

Genius Tip: With our Premium features, you can send an invite through our site to your account index page. This will direct participants to all active sign ups in your account.

send sign up index page link

Combining Similar Sign Ups with Tabbing

In cases where you want to combine particular sign ups instead of listing all the sign ups in the account, the Tabbing feature allows you to combine specific sign ups into selectable tabs.

Participants can choose a particular tab and then view the sign up opportunities. This is particularly helpful if you want to combine the school’s parent teacher conference sign ups or various event volunteer opportunities such as book fairs, classroom readers and office helpers.

school sign ups tabbing

Instead of sending invites for each sign up, you can send a single invite for all the sign ups in the particular tab group. Additionally, you can copy the link to any of your sign ups and paste it on your school’s website. From any of the sign ups in the tab group, participants can view the other sign ups by selecting those tabs.

Genius Tip: It’s also easy to integrate sign ups with your website when you embed a back to website button on your school website.

With these helpful features, you can plan away for the school year, streamline communications and avoid sending too many emails to school parents and volunteers. Not bad, superhero! Now all they need to do is give you a cape.

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