4 Tips for Organizing Your Portal Page

Managing events and volunteers can be challenging. With multiple events and sign ups, you may end up sending too many sign up invites that fill group member inboxes —leaving them confused with multiple links to choose from.  Fortunately, you can provide access to all your sign ups in one place with our portal page feature.

What is a portal page?

A portal page serves as an online hub for a group of sign ups —connecting participants to related opportunities, downloadable files, and additional information through one link. This feature is included with our Enterprise plan.  

Portal pages make it easy for your audience to find your latest sign up opportunities and it serves as an extension of your company’s website. You can also embed the portal page in the organization’s website so that participants can locate the sign up, select their slot, and sign up without leaving the website. This valuable tool will simplify your processes, saving time while minimizing administrative work. 

Administrators can customize the organization of sign ups, highlighting and sorting active sign ups.  Here are 4 tips for organizing your portal page:

1. Create multiple portal pages

Enterprise customers can create unlimited portal pages for all their organizing needs. For example, a theater company can create a portal page to schedule ushers and a separate portal page to schedule auditions. This feature helps groups boost engagement by making it easy for people to view and sign up for their opportunities. 

2. Create multiple sign up sections on the same portal page 

You can create different sections on your portal page to group sign ups in categories that help people find specific events. For example, you can create separate areas for parent teacher conference sign ups and a separate one for other school related sign ups. If you are a church, you might have a section for small group registrations and a different section for volunteer sign ups.  

This is a helpful way to categorize group sign ups – making them easier to locate.  

3. Organize tabbed sign ups on portal pages 

The tabbing feature makes it easy to group sign ups together, such as volunteer opportunities or school events. By choosing Selected Sign Ups from the portal page, you can display a single icon for a tab group or highlight individual sign ups in a tabbed layout. 

This option is also a super helpful way to group and categorize sign ups so that volunteers can easily locate them. If you are a large entity, you might create sections and tabs to allow your audiences to drill down each category so that they can easily locate a sign up. 

4. Group sign ups in separate folders 

Once the portal page is all set up, you can share the link on social media, in an email newsletter or however you communicate with the group. 

You also have the option to embed the portal page in your website. This is a great option because it brings the page directly into your website. This gives you a software that has the look and feel of your own in-house tool — but without the time and costs that are involved with building it. 

Portal pages are the one-stop resource for organizing event, volunteer, and registration opportunities. With this valuable tool at your fingertips, you’ll have more time to focus on growing the organization. 

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