5 Types of Fundraising Sign Ups

illustration of people putting coins and dollars into a jar

People can make a big impact by joining together to raise money for an important cause, whether it’s a group of ten or two hundred. Online sign ups power your fundraising efforts by making it easy to collect donations, coordinate volunteers and register event participants. 

Sign ups help streamline organizing and communication for fundraising events by automating many of these activities. This will give you more time to focus on your mission, instead of worrying about recruiting volunteers and getting stuck in administrative tasks. With our LumaPay feature, you can easily collect financial donations on your sign up - making it easy to track and manage. Check out these five types of fundraising sign ups that grow support for your favorite group. 

Fun run

Bring your school community together and race for a great cause! It’s simple to register fun run participants and coordinate volunteers with an online sign up. You can collect money as part of the registration process. Attach waiver forms or other documents to confirmation emails — this helps organizers and participants save time. You can also customize confirmation and reminder emails to share important details about your event.

Choose an eye-catching sign up design for your event and create slots for registration and volunteer roles. You can also create two distinct sign ups — one for event volunteers and another for registration. We offer several ways to keep sign ups grouped together so they are easier to locate.

You can create a custom question if you need additional information from participants such as a T-shirt size. With our Premium plans, you can create between two and ten custom questions.

screenshot of school fun run fundraiser

Concession stands  

Concession sales are a win-win — you make people happy with tasty treats and raise money for your group. Maximize your efforts by requesting concession item donations from supporters with an online sign up. Create slots to request drinks, snacks, sweets and more. You can also simplify volunteer scheduling with a sign up, using the time slot feature to create recurring shifts.  

With our tabbing feature, display multiple sign ups in one location. This enables you to create individual sign ups for donations and volunteers and share all your opportunities via one link. Your sign up will boost volunteer efforts and ensure your concession stand is staffed and stocked.

screenshot of concession stand donation sign up

Food fundraiser

Serving up a delicious meal like pork barbeque with all the fixings can be a successful (and delicious) fundraiser for your group. Whether you are cooking meals or hosting a simple bake sale, people can order a feast or just a few items with an online sign up. This way, you know the minimum amount of food you need to prepare for the big day. You can also schedule pick-up times on your sign up, so you know when to have each order ready.

A dinner fundraiser is perfect for organizations such as booster clubs. It’s easy to promote your event and take orders ahead of time. You can set automatic reminders to be sent one to fourteen days before the event, so your supporters remember to pick up their food items.

screenshot of sign up for athletics booster fundraiser

Ticket sales for events

Online sign ups are an easy way to simplify ticket sales for theater shows, festivals or any event that raises money for your cause. You can offer tickets at different price levels and collect money from participants on your sign up. Send out invites through our site or expand your reach by sharing your sign up on your website, social media or a newsletter.

With our online sign up tool, we’ll take care of the ticket sales, so you can spend more time engaging with supporters and managing your organization.

screenshot of guys and dolls ticket fundraiser sign up

A gala or dinner 

Even black-tie events can benefit from easy online organizing! You can collect RSVPs, organize volunteers and sell tickets with a sign up — making it an ideal way to handle the complex volunteer needs for formal events. An online sign up can tackle registering donors, coordinating volunteers for serving food and drinks, as well as coordinating entertainment. 

Make sure your event is easy to locate and minimize any confusion with our mapping feature. With this feature, you can link Google Maps to your sign up. The linked location will be listed on the sign up and in confirmation and reminder emails. The location link will also display if participants add the sign up to their personal calendar. 

Need to view a list of registrants? Run a report to access any information you have collected on your sign up. This video tutorial shares tips to create custom reports so you can review attendee details, track payment, volunteer hours and more. 

Online sign ups make it easy to turn your bright ideas into successful fundraising events. We simplify the organizing so you can get out there and raise money for your group.

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