Sign Up Guide: Event Registrations

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You have been tasked with organizing an event. Where do you begin? Fortunately, our online sign up tool can easily handle event registrations and collect the necessary information from attendees — making you an event planning genius!

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Create Event Registrations for:

Designing the Registration Form

  • Create a custom layout to match your organization’s branding.
  • Consider your registration needs. If you have multiple registrations ranging from vendors to volunteers, you may want to link the sign up registrations together with our tabbing feature so your participants can sign up for both at one time.
  • Link the registration sign up to your organization’s website or create a custom URL that you can include in printed promotional material.
  • Include a Google Map link to the event location in your sign up. This way, participants can easily use their GPS to locate your event.

Simplifying the Registration Process

  • Think about the information you want to collect on the registration. You can gather registration-related information by creating custom questions on the sign up and run custom reports to organize the data.
  • Consider whether there are additional steps for registration. Integrate the form with your website by directing users back to your website or to another website as a part of the registration process

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Communicating with Your Audience

  • Communicate any additional steps or instructions about the event with a custom email template. You can create custom email reminders or confirmations that communicate additional information about the event.
  • Attach any additional documents to your sign up. You may want to attach a waiver, FAQ sheet or additional instructions for registrants.
  • Consider using our texting feature to communicate instant updates via text with specific groups in your event.
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