60 Funny Office Awards and Trophies

two employees siting on couch holding trophyEverybody likes to be rewarded for their good work — especially in an office setting. If you’re looking for a lighthearted way to appreciate your employees, look no further than these 60 silly superlatives. 

Awards for the Daily Routine

  1. Coffeepot’s Best Friend - This employee can always be found where the coffee is — no matter the time of day. You can print this award on a mug to really commit to the theme.
  2. The Early Bird - Who’s always first to the office? Isn’t it time they got a little appreciation? Give them an alarm clock as a prize, or gummy worms to go with the early bird theme!
  3. Five More Minutes - This tongue-in-cheek award goes to the coworker who schedules his or her meetings on the hour even though you know they won’t be there until at least five minutes after.
  4. The Empty Fridge Award - An award for the coworker who always seems to know when the good snacks are being delivered.
  5. The Honorary Mechanic - For your poor coworker whose car has been in the shop so many times he or she might as well be a mechanic themselves. A golden wrench should ease the pain of all that car trouble.
  6. Gold Medalist - We all have that coworker who exercises during his or her lunch break. They may not be an Olympian, but anyone who can work eight hours AND exercise deserves a gold medal in our book.
  7. Appointment Maker - Somehow, this person always has an appointment — from acupuncture to the veterinarian. Make them a little sign for their desk!
  8. The Private Concert Award - Whether it’s eight a.m. or five p.m., this coworker always has headphones on — and you’d better believe they’re rocking out, so gift them a music gift card as their prize.
  9. The Empty Desk Award - Whether they’re in a meeting or out to lunch, somehow this person never seems to be at his or her desk.
  10. The Order Up Award - For that foodie coworker who’s always trying to get you to try that new restaurant down the street. They love trying new food or ordering in for lunch.
  1. The Take the Stairs Award - You could work on the 20th floor or the 2nd. It doesn’t matter. This coworker is taking the stairs, always. As a silly award, you can create a guide on how to use the elevators in your building for them!
  2. The Interior Decorator - This award is for the coworker who has transformed his or her cubicle into something out of HGTV. Grab them a new decoration as a prize.
  3. Photo Album Award - Give this award to the coworker who has the most photos on his or her desk. As the award, get them a new picture frame!
  4. Office Bestie Award - This person somehow knows everyone in the office, no matter how long they’ve worked there.
  5. Loud Typist Award - Watch out, because you can hear this coworker’s keyboard coming from miles away. As a funny award, get them a fun keyboard cover.
  6. Celebration Award - This coworker puts everyone else to shame, because no matter what day it is — someone’s birthday, an anniversary, a random holiday — they’re there ready to celebrate. Get them more gift-wrapping supplies!
  7. The Clock Award - You can tell it’s lunchtime (or 5pm) because as soon as that clock hits either time, this person is gone! Or maybe they’re always early to all meetings. Give them a tongue-in-cheek award for their talents.
  8. The Dish Destroyer - Let’s face it... if you didn’t have this coworker, there would be piles of dishes in the office sink. Spray paint a sponge gold for a funny award!
  9. Take a Lap - Whether they’re counting steps or just trying to get moving, hats off to the coworker who always seems to be walking around and getting fit.
  10. PTO Prince or Princess - Save this award for the coworker who takes vacations and posts amazing photos on social. No dental PTO for this colleague; they’re traveling the globe instead.

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Personality Awards

  1. The New Hobby Award - For the coworker who is always trying something new, from crocheting to Rosetta Stone.
  2. Ear to the Ground Award - If there’s something cool going on in your city, you’d better believe this employee knows about it, and is already planning on going.
  3. Nameless Award - For that coworker who can’t quite seem to remember anyone’s name, no matter how long he or she has worked at your company. Make them some funny flashcards.
  4. The Traveling Medic - Need Tylenol? How about some Tums? Whatever you need, this coworker seems to have it in his or her desk drawer.
  5. Office Clown Award - Whether it’s through pranks or jokes by the water cooler, this coworker keeps everyone laughing.
  6. Every Department Award - For your coworker of many talents. No matter what the task, this employee can do it. To be honest, we’re not quite sure what you should give them — except a day off.
  7. Gourmet Lunch Award - Every single day, this coworker has a new recipe they’re making for lunch. Everyone is eating PB&J, and this coworker is making a five-course meal in the office kitchen. Make the actual award a golden plate for him or her to eat their lunch on.
  8. The Late Award - Whether they overslept or blew a tire, this person always seems to be running late! Give them their prize last to emphasize the point.
  9. The Bean King or Queen - This award is slightly different than Coffeepot’s Best Friend — give it to the coworker who refuses to drink the office coffee. Only the snobbiest of coffee snobs deserves this award.
  10. The Silver Lining Award - This coworker always manages to keep it positive!
  11. Office Social Chair - Is there a social event for your office? This person is coordinating it, attending, and getting the afterparty started.
  12. Runway Award - No matter what the weather is, this person’s corporate closet is always runway ready.
  13. The Code Red Award - This is the person that everyone knows they can go to in a panic. No matter your sticky situation, this coworker knows exactly how to fix it!
  14. The Holiday King or Queen - You always know what time of year it is by the decorations on this coworker’s desk! Grab them a piece of decor for the latest holiday.
  15. The Sports Fan - When it’s football or basketball season, this coworker doesn’t even try to get work done. They leave it all on the field. You can use a literal sports trophy for this award.
  16. The Laser Focus - It doesn’t matter what is going on in the office, this person is completely zeroed in on the task in front of them.
  17. Pop Culture Expert - This award goes to the coworker who’s always doing the thankless work of keeping the office up to date on pop culture.
  18. Good Samaritan Award - They’ll jump start your car and give you their lunch. This kind coworker keeps you from losing it on a daily basis and brings happiness to stressful situations.
  19. The One Liner - This person always has the perfect quip — whether it’s in a meeting or at the coffeepot.
  20. The Super Fan - You’ve got to admire the dedication of this coworker. Whether it’s a television show or a pop star, they love what they love and everyone knows.

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Work Related Awards

  1. Future CEO Award - This employee is going places. They might be at the bottom of the totem pole now, but everyone knows they’re bound for greatness. Give them a nameplate for their future high-ranking job.
  2. The Email Vigilante - No matter when you email this coworker, whether they’re in a meeting or dead asleep, somehow, they manage to respond in 0.2 seconds.
  3. The Bright Idea - This coworker always manages to come up with an incredible idea just when the chips are down.
  4. Lengthiest Messages - Email, Slack, or just stopping by your desk — it’s going to take this coworker a while to tell you what they have to say.
  5. The Calendar Color-Coder - Every spare second in this coworker’s day is cataloged according to their calendar. Give them a brand-new planner as their award! (Or don’t — they probably like their own!)
  6. The Number Cruncher - Give this award to your best budgeter — the one who can always find room somewhere. A golden calculator might be appropriate!
  7. The People Whisperer - Give this award to your Operations or HR staff, who can calm a conflict like nobody’s business.
  8. The Notetaker - You know if you zone out in a meeting, this coworker has your back with their perfect notes! Give them a special notepad to honor their service.
  9. The 4:00PM Star - When everyone else is in a slump at the end of the day, this coworker is still going strong. Yes, they may schedule a meeting at 4:30, but you have to appreciate their enthusiasm.
  10. The Multitasker - Everyone has a coworker who insists on using two screens. It’s time to applaud the multitaskers in your office.
  11. The Nomad Award - You’ll find this person searching for inspiration in new places all around your office. They’re always looking for the perfect place to get some work done.
  12. Most Likely to Have Thought of That - For the coworker who always thinks ahead and prepares for the worst-case scenario! Pack them a silly “Office Doomsday” kit.
  13. The Free Finder - Whether it’s office supplies or free lunch, this person is always picking up the extra benefits from your workplace!
  14. Work from Home Award - This award goes to the coworker of whom, at least once a week, the question is asked: “Hey, where’s ______?” They just work better from their living room, okay? Grab them a new pair of pajamas.
  15. On a Call Award - It could be two in the morning — somehow, this coworker needs you to wait just a second, because they’re on a call.
  16. The Tech Expert - From Wi-Fi to printers, this person knows exactly what’s wrong, and they’re ready to help.
  17. The Meeting Hater - Everyone loves this coworker because they have the courage to not schedule a meeting. They’ll figure it out without one!
  18. The Coach - When you need a pep talk, this coworker is there to get you back in the game. Get them a whistle!
  19. The Event Planner - This award goes to that fearless organizing genius on your team. What would you do without them? (Oh wait, is it SignUpGenius? You shouldn’t have!)
  20. The Question Asker - This coworker always seems to know exactly the right questions to ask at just the right time. Whether they’re learning about your weekend or getting to the point in a meeting, they’re a star at communication.
Keep your coworkers laughing with a few of these lighthearted awards! 

Kayla Rutledge is a college student who spends most of her time writing, singing for her church and eating quesadillas.