Shift Scheduling Made Easy

Before taking their shift schedule online with SignUpGenius, the nursing staff for the high-risk delivery and labor unit of The Women’s Care Center at University of Colorado Hospital was counting on one person to organize all of the shift schedules.University of Colorado

When working with high-risk patients who need the utmost in care, having an organized schedule is important, but it was taking a lot of time to schedule the 60 registered nurses.

After realizing the need for a streamlined scheduling process, a staff member who had used for various potlucks and carpools suggested using the site to help manage shift scheduling too. Why not create time slots and let the nurses manage shift schedules by viewing open shift times, signing up, requesting days off and even swapping shifts all in one place?

By using, Shift Scheduler Kristy Lay was able to get all of her ducks in a row, saving her precious time and energy. Lay is most impressed by the time she now saves in scheduling.

“As the scheduler, [SignUpGenius] has decreased the amount of time that I need to spend on the schedule from about 12 hours to 6 hours.”

Lay says the nursing staff at the Women’s Care Center just love having access to their schedules through SignUpGenius. “The nurses feel like they have more control over their own schedules. It allows the staff to sign up for the shifts that work best for them.”

The site makes it Online volunteer sign up sheet formeasy to see what the specific schedule needs are and can be checked whenever it’s convenient for the employee. Not only does the staff like the accessibility, but they enjoy having the power to swap shifts or change things as needed, making them more aware of their schedule and responsibilities. The system shows open slots, giving individuals the power to pick up an additional shift when they can.

“The main impact [of SignUpGenius] has been on increased staff satisfaction," Lay adds.

She enjoys sharing the idea of using SignUpGenius with others since it has been such a help to her. “It is very user friendly and it is an easy system to use and navigate.”

Since SignUpGenius was working so well for the high-risk delivery and labor nurses at the University of Colorado Hospital, they recommended the site to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. “They have switched over and are using the system and are happy with it," Lay says.

The nurses of The Women’s Care Center at the University of Colorado Hospital remain busy helping women through a life-changing part of life. The staff of SignUpGenius is honored to help them remain organized so they may focus on serving those in need.