The Many Uses of SignUpGenius for Businesses

Business sign up utility.

Whether you’re part of a Fortune 500 company or a mom and pop venture, there’s a plethora of technology tools available to meet your business needs. But finding one that allows you to organize your office team simply and at no cost sounds like too much to hope for, right? With SignUpGenius you can do just that.

Conferences, Conventions and Trade Shows
It can be overwhelming to coordinate staff to represent your company well at conferences, conventions and trade shows. With SignUpGenius, it’s easy to post a sign up where each team member commits to one or more responsibilities. You can even create a sign up to make sure your exhibit is manned during specific vendor hours. Want to make sure you know who is responsible for facilitating seminars, bringing exhibit materials, taking photos, and more? SignUpGenius is your solution.

Shift Schedules
It’s a lot of work to schedule the same shifts week after week and remember who needs off on specific dates. Then, there’s always the problem of workers forgetting their schedules or a manager who doesn’t have a copy to check on who is late for a shift. With SignUpGenius, you can make a schedule for a week, a month or any length of time you’d like and post it online where the staff you give access to can see it at any time. Staff members can even swap shifts without taking up a manager’s time if that option is helpful. If you have open shifts and don’t want to take the time to contact each staff member, you can also put that on the sign up and have workers sign up on a first come first serve basis.

Social Events
Coordinating staff social events can take a considerable chunk out of the work day, but it doesn’t have to with SignUpGenius. Online sign ups that help you coordinate or collect RSVPs for birthday parties, anniversaries, baby showers, wedding showers, picnics, and office lunches only take a few minutes to create with SignUpGenius. You can even upload an office photo or logo on your sign up and email invitations and updates to co-workers automatically through the site.

Collect money for a group gift on a sign up. SAMPLE

Notifying all staff members about available training and figuring out who can make it for each session can take a lot of time and intraoffice emailing.  Eliminate that with a sign up that shows upcoming training sessions and allows office workers to sign up for the ones they plan to attend. The use of customized reporting with SignUpGenius can also help you make sure your employees have met their training requirements and signed up for the appropriate courses or sessions in a timely manner.

Community Involvement
Want to give back to your local area? With SignUpGenius, it’s easy to organize a group from the office to serve at a local food pantry or mentor students at the nearby elementary school. And if you’re company works on team building by sponsoring an office softball, basketball or bowling team, you can coordinate who will be at each game and practices with a simple to create sign up.

Office Tasks
If figuring out who is responsible for mundane office tasks has your crew on edge, SignUpGenius can help. Create a sign up with a rotating monthly schedule for those oh-so-fun jobs like stocking the break room with snacks, cleaning the refrigerator, making coffee, and writing posts for the company blog. Then you can say goodbye to the days of fuzzy, green leftovers in the fridge and day old coffee.

Business meeting or interview online registraiton sign up
Whether you’re staying ahead of the competition or providing extra staff training by offering webinars, you can get and idea of how many people will join in for each one by posting a sign up. If you want to get a sense for which webinar topics would be the most popular, create a sign up list of topics where people sign up for those they'd be most likely to attend.

Schedule Staff Reviews
Workers tend to feel a bit vulnerable when the time for staff reviews is approaching. Why not help them out by giving them a choice of dates and times to go over the review? A sign up with all available time slots would give staff the flexibility of choosing a time that fits best in their work day.

With the high costs of gas and parking permits along with a growing eco-friendly culture, carpools to and from the office are a perk for many workers. With SignUpGenius, it’s easy to set up a sign up for one group or a dozen.

Resource Usage
Tired of checking out equipment or training manuals with paper sign ups? Take it online where everyone in the office can see what resources are available and when. You can even create a sign up to reserve the conference room for meeting times or for tasks such as covering the phone during lunch or breaks.

With so many ways to simplify the organizational needs of your business with SignUpGenius, why not get started today? Find out how to get started HERE!