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50. Over communicate with parents. You will be caring for other people’s children, so keep them informed and put everything in print for their reference.

51. Hold an informative meeting for parents. Parents want to be in the know. Open the floor up to questions, so they can feel confident in your trip.

52. Distribute medical release forms early to parents. It’s essential to know if any medication has to be administered to students while away.

53. Distribute a suggested packing list for what to bring and what not to bring on the trip.

54. On the packing list, include a dress code, so everyone is clear about what is appropriate to wear.

55. Limit technology devices. Texting and checking into social media accounts takes away from the purpose of getting away.

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56. Let students know what is expected of them. Set clear rules at the beginning.

57. Give the students a brief tour to establish where the restrooms and fire exits are located and which areas are off limits.

58. Designate an adult leader to videotape portions of the retreat. Edit it and set it to music for a keepsake and promotional piece for next time.

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Genius Tip: Remember to say "THANK YOU" to those who made the retreat possible - from attendees and parents to sponsors and donors!


59. Wrap up the retreat on a positive note by highlighting bright spots and accomplishments. Ask the group about their take-aways from the retreat.

60. Ask participants and leaders to evaluate the retreat.
61. Be sure to have everyone pitch in to clean up the site.
62. If chaperones drove, reimburse them for gas.
63. Meet with a task force to go over evaluations.
64. List recommendations for next retreat.
65. Send thank you notes to all who helped.

With 65 ways to create a fabulous experience for young people, your next youth retreat is sure to be significant!


Sara Kendall Sara Kendall is a freelance writer and mom of two daughters.