Organize Church and Temple Activities Easily

It can be overwhelming to organize all of the events and volunteer opportunities at churches and temples, but with it doesn't need to be! Say goodbye to paper sign ups, reply to all emails and volunteers who forget what they signed up to do. With, you can quickly and easily coordinate all of your ministry activities online. Even better, you can do it for free!

With's simple sign up tool, you can do all of this and more:

  1. Schedule Children’s ministry volunteers.
  2. Organize snacks for small group Bible studies.
  3. Plan youth group fundraisers.
  4. Collect wish list items for Sunday school and temple classrooms.
  5. Plan church group potlucks.
  6. Coordinate volunteers to participate in a community outreach.
  7. Coordinate youth group retreat volunteers.

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  1. Plan picnics for members and the community.
  2. Coordinate a rotating schedule for small group leaders to facilitate weekly devotionals.
  3. Coordinate pastors, rabbis, elders and staff to make hospital visits to sick or injured members.
  4. Organize Vacation Bible School volunteers.
  5. Coordinate leader and elder board meetings.
  6. Organize meals for families.
  7. Schedule church and temple staff on call responsibilities.
  8. Collect supplies to facilitate community outreaches. 
  9. Organize mission trip fundraisers.

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  1. Coordinate holiday parties and events.
  2. Plan small group socials.
  3. Schedule hospitality greeters for services.
  4. Collect donations of supplies for mission trips.
  5. Collect RSVP’s for Women’s Ministry events.
  6. Organize prayer rotations.
  7. Sign up for training meetings.
  8. Coordinate help for families in need.
  9. Organize work groups for facility maintenance.
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