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Locate Sign Ups in Account

If you created a sign up previously and came back to our site but no longer see it in your account, never fear! Sign up gremlins are just make-believe. There are a few possibilities that are more likely the culprits.

The sign up is hidden based on account settings

If you haven’t finished creating the sign up or taken it live, you will need to change your settings. Click the gear icon in the top right corner of the table (to the right of the search bar) on your account Sign Ups page and make sure you check the option to Show Unpublished Sign Ups under Display Options. You can save that setting as well by clicking the green button at the bottom of that screen. If the date(s) on the sign up have passed, then you'll want to make sure the setting Show Sign Ups in the Past is checked. If the sign up is more than 14 months in the past, you'll need to choose the Archived & Deleted Sign Ups option at the bottom of the Created tab. This will display sign ups that have been archived. You can move an archived sign up to "live" on this page if you prefer.

The sign up was created under a different email address

It could be that you are logged in under an account with a different email than the one you created the sign up with. If you are already logged in, then click on the Log Out button in the upper right-hand corner of the site. Then try logging in again using the email address that you used when creating the sign up. Click the Created tab. If the sign up has active dates, you should see it now.   

If you do discover that you have two accounts with our site, you can always merge them by logging into our site and clicking on your account image in the upper right corner. Select the Settings tab and scroll down to find the merge options there.