35 Fun Facts to Share About Yourself in Any Setting

Coming up with topics to chat about at events like dinner parties, neighborhood get togethers or work socials can be tough. Inevitably, in new groups or teams, the question, “tell us something fun about yourself,” always seems to come up. It’s easy to start out chatting about the weather or work, but we may get stuck thinking up something novel to say when answering this question. Most of us don’t mind sharing something unique or fun about ourselves – but may draw a blank when sitting in a new group, interview or networking event. 

The list of ideas below provides some topical categories to inspire you to think up fun facts about yourself.  Use these ideas so you’ll be ready to share an interesting tidbit the next time someone wants to find out more about you.  

Whether you’re making new friends or catching up with your favorite people, these go-to topics can help you dive in and hopefully spark meaningful connections in an “easy does it” way.

  1. Book buzz - Share what you’re reading now (or what you read most recently) and ask if they have any book recommendations. You could also mention your favorite book of all time or the genre you prefer such as mystery or romance. You’ll likely have some new ideas to add to your “to be read” list! 
  2. Travel time - People are generally curious about where other people have been. Have you taken a dream vacation or somewhere unique? Whether it was a cruise across the ocean or an adorable mountain town close to home, these are always easy fun facts to share. A funny story from a specific trip is always a good way to entertain the group. 
  3. Television shows - The latest binge that had you glued to your couch for the past week is always a hot topic. Discussing your favorite characters, plot lines and predictions about the upcoming season is sure to get the conversation flowing - plus you might get a few shows to add to the list. 
  4. Pet power - Does anyone even have to ask? Talking about your pet(s) is an easy go-to topic - how you got your four-legged friend, their name, quirks, etc. Have your phone ready to show pictures of your furry BFF. 
  5. Party trick - Most everyone has a hidden talent. Start with yours (singing the ABC’s backwards, balancing a spoon on your nose, reciting a poem in another language, etc.) and get the fun started. 
  6. Hobbies – Have a unique or interesting hobby? This is often something fun to share with the group. If you are fairly accomplished in any hobby, it’s also a fun piece of information to include. 
  7. Food - Have you dined at a noteworthy restaurant lately? Or, perhaps you’ve eaten a very odd food at some point in your life. People love to hear about food. If you’ve eaten something very odd or gross, be prepared for follow up questions about the experience. 
  8. Biggest fear – If you have an irrational fear of clowns or some other unique phobia, this makes for good conversation. People will definitely enjoy hearing this interesting information about you. You also might be surprised at how others are able to relate to some of your fears.  
  9. DIY fails - Talking about your successes could invite some eye rolls but sharing your DIY failures will help everyone relax and enjoy the conversation. Did you try to HGTV a part of your house, bake an epic cake or knit a sweater for your cat that didn’t turn out at all the way you thought it would? These are fun stories to share! 
  10. Sports share – Whether you play a particular sport or just enjoy watching, people will enjoy the information. Perhaps you are a big rugby fan. If you still play a sport, this would be particularly interesting and unique information. You can also share about your favorite sports team growing up, a big playoff event you attended or a sports figure you’ve met.
  11. Where were you? – Have you been at notable places or experienced noteworthy moments? Perhaps you attended a presidential inauguration or you lived through a tornado. Either way, these are definitely worth telling.
  12. Bucket list confessions - It’s always interesting to hear what people want to accomplish before they take the big trip upstairs. Share the items you’ve marked off your list, what is in the works and the far out dreams you are still chasing.

  1. Walk on song - Most athletes have a “walk on song” - a tune played as they enter the stadium, go up to bat, etc. Instead of talking about what music you like, share your “walk on song” or one that gets you pumped and ready for the day. Be prepared to sing a few bars!
  2. Celebrity meet ups - Have you met a celebrity? Perhaps it was at a charity event, in the airport or walking down the street. Talk about what happened and other famous people you’d like to meet.
  3. Back to the future - If you could come face to face with the person you were 10 years ago - what would you say to him or her? This is a fun way to break the ice and let people learn more about you.
  4. Best part of the day - What is your favorite part of the day? Tell the group about your not to be missed five-mile run, alone time in the carpool line, having a glass of wine with your partner or curling up with a good book. 
  5. First car - There’s nothing like a first car memory to open the door to some great conversation. Share the make and model of your roadster and all the great stories that go with it.
  6. Time off - Instead of talking about your hobbies, jump in with how you like to spend the day when you have nothing on the to-do list. Do you enjoy shopping, working outdoors, touring bookstores, cooking up a storm, doing absolutely nothing or something in between? Who knows, you might find a new friend who enjoys doing what you like to do! 
  1. Three people to dinner - You reveal a lot about yourself by the company you keep. Share what three people - dead or alive - you would want to have over for dinner and why. For bonus points, include what dish you’d have on the menu.
  2. Story of your name - Your name is usually one of the first things people learn about you - but what’s behind it? This is a great way to learn other people’s names - and make them stick - and share a unique story about yourself. 
  3. Card shark - When you find yourself with a deck of cards, what game do you like to play? This can turn into a revealing conversation about how competitive you are.
  4. Coffee talk - For coffee drinkers, what goes in a mug of joe is a true expression of love. Talk about your favorite beans, creamer, sugar and secret ingredients that make your java the best.
  5. Retirement dreams - What does your ideal retirement look like? Share if you are saving for a cottage on the beach or travelling the world. If you are retired, what are your dreams for this new chapter? 
  6. Grocery games - How people grocery shop and feed themselves is keen insight into a person’s life. Do you always have a list, fly by the seat of your pants, clip coupons or is your refrigerator full of take-out containers? 
  7. The world needs - Chat about an invention that would make life easier or save tons of time. People can get to know your challenges and everyone is guaranteed to end up laughing! 

  1. Genealogy - Sharing where your ancestors came from is a wonderful way to say something about yourself. Give people a glimpse into your background and spark a broader discussion about travel, traditions and family life.
  2. Birth order - Everyone you come in contact with is part of a birth order. Where you are in the lineup can often shape your personality and how you see the world. Offer your experience as a first, second, third, fourth or more born - or as an only child. 
  3. Doppelganger - Do you have a celebrity look alike? Share who you’ve been told you look like and see if the group agrees. 
  4. Life hacks - If you’ve figured out a quick, inexpensive or better way to make life tasks easier, don’t keep it to yourself! Whether it's a tip to get school lunches made faster or an easy way to keep track of all your passwords, people will certainly appreciate the information. 
  5. Seasonal taste - Dive in and talk about what foods remind you of the different seasons. Do peaches and watermelon mean summer and your famous chili recipe means fall is here? This convo can lead to other topics like regional cooking, where you grew up, etc. 
  6. What’s your sign? - Your astrological sign can be an inside peek into your personality. Discuss what traits you think are true to you and your sign and which are way off. Depending on group size, chances are good you’ll find someone of the same sign or even the same birthday.
  7. Dream weaver - If you are a deep sleeper, chances you are a dreamer as well. While sharing the crazy dream you had last night might be hard to explain and a little complicated, discussing recurring dreams is a great topic. 
  8. Collections - Sharing your passion for stamps, coins, magnets, travel magazines, vintage books, costume jewelry, cars, vinyl records - or anything that gets your heart pounding - can be a great starting point to opening up about who you are. 
  9. On the move - Skip the “where are you from” question and talk about how many different cities you’ve lived in. Did you move around a lot or stay in one place? This personal story is a great way to get to know you. 
  10. Things I do know - While not many people want or hear (or take) other people’s advice, sharing what you DO know is a great way to wrap up the conversation. It might be as simple as “I know you should always bring an umbrella” or “I know the special is usually the best thing on the menu.” From parenting to pets, friendships and general observations, this topic helps take talk to the next level and inspires a lot of humor.
Learn more about yourself and the company you keep with the above conversation starters then add more along the way. Keep this list handy! 

Courtney McLaughlin is a freelance writer in Charlotte, N.C. She gratefully shares her life, home and heart with her daughter and their dog.