50 This or That Questions

If you’re on social media, you’ve probably seen a poll or two pop up where you’re asked to choose between two options such as, “hot chocolate or coffee.” These are an example of this or that questions. This or that questions present two options and ask participants to choose one. Even though this or that questions are now popular on platforms like Instagram, the concept has been around long before the internet.

This fun icebreaker can often shed some light on where your friends or colleagues stand on some of life’s most important (or not) questions! These questions are a fun way to interact with others in a group and helpful for keeping the mood light and enjoyable.

  1. Morning person or night owl? 
  2. Cats or dogs? 
  3. Cruise or resort vacation? 
  4. Cable or streaming? 
  5. Read the book or see the movie? 
  6. Coke or Pepsi? 
  7. Sweet or salty? 
  8. Apples or oranges?
  9. French fries or onion rings? 
  10. Beer or wine? 
  11. Beach or mountains? 
  12. Scary movie or comedy?
  13. Pie or cake?  
  14. Board games or video games?
  15. Steak or seafood?

  1. Fly or drive? 
  2. Android or iPhone?
  3. Ketchup or mustard?
  4. Walk or run? 
  5. East coast or west coast? 
  6. Zoo or aquarium? 
  7. Mashed or baked potatoes? 
  8. Lego builds or jigsaw puzzles?
  9. Water ski or snow ski? 
  10. Game night or movie night? 
  11. Dark chocolate or milk chocolate? 
  1. Stay in or go out? 
  2. Coffee or tea?
  3. Fruit or vegetables? 
  4. Cookout or BBQ?
  5. Staycation or vacation? 
  6. Watch a movie at home or at the theater?
  7. Modern or traditional?
  8. Bright colors or neutrals? 
  9. Pizza night or Taco Tuesday? 

  1. Hot dog or hamburger? 
  2. Selfie or ask someone to take the picture?
  3. Designer splurge or bargain buy?
  4. Print books or audio books?
  5. Plan ahead or live in the moment?
  6. Summer or winter?
  7. Sunbathe or swim?
  8. Camping or luxury resort? 
  9. Homemade or store-bought?
  10. City or country? 
  11. Save or spend?
  12. Mac or PC?
  13. Clutter or neat freak?
  14. Lake or ocean? 
  15. Chocolate chip cookies or oatmeal raisin cookies?
These questions can prompt thought-provoking conversations or just some laughs. You may even want to challenge yourself to come up with your own list or try these fun would you rather questions.

Michelle Boudin is an investigative reporter for WCNC TV and a freelance writer.