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Pre-Wedding Celebrations
59. Bridal showers. Celebrate with friends and family at a bridal shower! Gather those you love for a more intimate-sized party a couple weeks or months before the big day.
60. Guests and gifts. If you have registered for wedding gifts, make sure you have plenty items on the list to accommodate all guests, and use stores that are convenient to those attending.
61. Don’t duplicate. If you are having multiple showers, watch for guest duplication. Inviting guests to more than one can make you appear selfish or unorganized.
62. Consider an engagement party. At an engagement party guests won’t feel obligated to bring a gift. The party can be elaborate or totally informal and include guys and gals.
63. Consider groups. If you run in several different circles and it seems overwhelming to try and include everyone, divide people into separate events.
64. Themed parties. Have party-throwers set up a themed shower where guests choose gifts with a certain idea in mind. Suggestions include a “stock the bar,” “kitchen essentials,” “barbeque,” or “around the clock,” where gests buy a gift based on a time of day.

Genius tip: Friends may offer to help organize a shower or celebration for you. For ease in planning and coordinating RSVP’s, suggest your party-planning extraordinaire uses SignUpGenius! See example.

65. Hostess gifts. Make sure you get a little something for the fabulous hosts that throw a little something special in your honor!
66. Bachelorette Celebration. Whether it’s a girl’s weekend away, a spa day or a fun girl’s night filled with your favorite activities, coordinate a fun way to celebrate your last days of being single in style.
67. Wedding Party Brunch. Some couples host a bridal party or family brunch prior to or early on the wedding day. Connect with those close to you before it gets crazy!

Registry Tips
68. Consult a friend. Someone who has registered before may provide insight into what worked and what did not.
69. Focus on needs. Focus on necessities and think long-term when you are walking around the store scanning or on the website clicking.
70. Get creative! If you don’t need many standard household items, create a honeymoon registry, a registry where you encourage guests to buy stock in your name, or even a charity registry!
71. Groom’s registry. Creating a registry can seem boring and monotonous and let’s face it, your groom may not care what sheets you get. Yet, when it comes to the things he does care about, let him have some say!
72. Use SignUpGenius to create a registry list. You can use an online sign up to provide suggestions to your guests about what you’d like or subtly suggest an option for them to give cash gifts.

Genius Tip: Interested in giving guests a way to give cash gifts? Activate SignUpGenius Payments on your registry sign up.

73. Buy vintage! Consider a vintage wedding dress or choose eco-friendly attire.
74. Natural light. Choose an outdoor location or an earlier time of day so you can use less lighting indoors.
75. Email invitations! Coordinate your entire guest list, collect RSVP’s and even gather meal preferences through online sign ups on SignUpGenius.
76. Love the earth. Use eco-friendly paper for programs, favors or other paper needs. Now you can even find plant-able seed paper that can be printed with environmentally friendly ink!
77. Something borrowed. Borrow décor or rent it for less waste.
78. Go digital. Digital photos will save the money and chemical processing that goes into film photography.
79. Wedding website hub. Create a wedding website to get important information and dates out to your guests.

Genius tip: Let SignUpGenius do the work and allow your guests to RSVP online. Easily upload your guests’ email addresses into the system and send out email correspondence via the site with ease! Example.


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