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Perfecting Your Wedding Day Look
80. Selecting a dress. When selecting your wedding day attire, keep an open mind! Try on many options and make sure you factor in comfort.
81. Be patient. Some brides “just know” the moment they put that dress on that it is made for them. If that’s not you, that’s ok. Take your time!
82. Veil. Whether it’s to the floor or short and sweet, a full headpiece or none at all, anything goes, so stick with the choice that’s right for you.
83. Dancing shoes. Choose comfy shoes and break them in before the big day.
84. Hair. Hire a professional or if you are able do your own hair, do it. Make sure to do a run-through before the day-of so you know what to expect!
85. Makeup. Keep it natural, clean and fresh. You may consider asking your photographer for any tips about what looks best in photos, but do not go outside of your comfort zone.
86. Emergency kit. Stock a day-of emergency kit with a couple essentials – lipgloss, hand lotion, band-aids, mints, a small comb and anything else could come in handy in a pinch!
87. Get rest! It may be challenging with all the excitement, but it will help you feel your very best.
88. Stay hydrated. Make sure you are drinking and eating so you stay healthy and nourished leading up to and during your wedding day.

Document the Day
89. Discuss photography style. Choose a photographer that “gets” you and the style that you want.
90. Set up site for sharing. One great way to see all the photos from friends and family is to set up a photo sharing website where people can upload.
91. Make a list. Develop an image list for your photographer of “must-have” shots, so you don’t forget to get that photo taken with certain people or settings.
92. Photo booth fun. Many companies offer opportunities for your guests to get in front of the camera in a photo booth style set up – props and all. This can offer a lot of added fun for all.
93. No tech? Worried about people sharing dozens of photos on social media before you get the first look? Consider telling your guests you’d prefer to have a “no tech” wedding.

Remember the Meaning of the Day
94. Plan ahead! Make sure things are done prior so you can actually enjoy your wedding day!
95. Marriage should be the focus. It’s wise to keep reminding yourself throughout the whole wedding planning process – it’s not just the wedding day that matters, it’s every day that comes after it.
96. Stay grounded. Keep people close to you that can provide a sense of calm through the chaos and who can help you make good, quick decisions if need be.
97. Make time for the special people. Set aside specific time for those you are close to during your wedding weekend or the weekend will pass before you realize you didn’t get that extra time.
98. Express yourself. Exchange a card or letter to be opened the day-of the wedding – write something truly from the heart to the special person you will be sharing the rest of your life with.
99. Be thankful. On your wedding day, pause from time to time and take in all the love that surrounds you!
100. One-on-one time. Plan time with your groom amidst the craziness so you can connect.

Here’s to you creating the wedding you’ve always dreamed of. Best wishes as you set out on the wedding planning journey!

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