30 Bridal Shower Games 

bridal shower, games, ideas, couple's shower, activities, craftsBridal showers are one of the fun traditions that come after the ring but before vows. If you are hosting one, here are some fun games and activity ideas that will help make the bridal shower an event to remember! 

For a “Ladies-Only” Bridal Shower 

  1. The Beautiful Bride - This is a fun game to play as the party gets started. The bride starts by saying, “Hello, I am the Bride and I am Beautiful.” The next guest introduces herself, “Hi I’m Sarah and I’m Sweet” or “I’m Laura and I am Loud.” Each guest must then remember the guests who came before her and end with the Beautiful Bride.
  2. All Dressed in White - In this game the guests create white accessories for the bride to wear — out of toilet paper! Dress up the bride in her handcrafted jewelry and veil, carrying her toilet paper bouquet. Make sure to get lots of pictures.
  3. Two Truths and a White Wedding Lie - This game requires each guest to introduce herself and tell the group three facts, two of which are true and one a lie. Other guests then guess which is the lie. To keep with the bridal theme, have married guests share two truths and a lie about their own weddings or honeymoons!
  4. Queen of the Kitchen - You need three volunteers for this game. Blindfold the first volunteer and time her while she identifies kitchen items. Choose items such as a potato masher that she will need to handle or a spice such as nutmeg that she will need to identify by smelling. Whoever identifies the most items correctly is pronounced queen of the kitchen and wins a kitchen-themed prize such as an apron and a beautiful crown to wear for the rest of the party.

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  1. Thread the Needle - This game is best led by a guest who does her own sewing or needlepoint. This guest holds a needle while the bride attempts to thread it. The guest can make this extra challenging by moving the needle around. The hostess records what the bride is saying: “stay still” and “this is harder than I thought it would be.” Then, the hostess reads back what the bride said, but as what she will be saying on her wedding night! Lots of laughter from this game. (Don’t tell her you’re taking notes!)
  2. Pass the Bouquet - This game is played like musical chairs, but with a wedding-themed song. If you are holding the bouquet when the music stops, you are OUT. The last one left in the game gets to keep the bouquet as her prize.
  3. A Picture Perfect Wedding - For this game, the hostess needs to create Pictionary cards, but with a bridal theme. Include the honeymoon destination, the ring, the blender and other items specific to the bride and her festivities. This activity works best with teams and a large easel so everyone can see the drawings. Genius Tip: Collect RSVPs for a bridal shower with SignUpGenius.
  4. Ring Hunt – Purchase 30 to 40 plastic rings from a dollar store, and find creative places to hide them throughout the host’s home (or bridal shower venue). The person who collects the most rings, wins a door prize.

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  1. Purse Scavenger Hunt - This is a classic bridal shower game that requires the ladies to hunt through their purses to find the listed items. This works well as a team game, and it’s extra fun to partner up guests of different ages. 
  2. Bridal Shower BINGO - Before the bride opens her gifts, have each guest create her own BINGO cards with a possible gift listed in each square. Bridal Shower BINGO makes the gift-opening portion of the shower fun and engaging.
  3. Bridal Mind Reading - This game takes a bit of planning, as the hostess needs to create unfinished phrases and sentences, such as “wedding _____.” Have each guest write down how they think the bride will answer the question. Wedding party? Wedding cake? Wedding night? The guest who is the best bridal mind reader wins a prize, perhaps a gift certificate to have her fortune told?! 
  4. Something Borrowed - The bride has spent countless hours choosing the perfect wedding attire for her big day. But in this game, each guest brings “something borrowed” for the bride to wear. Guests watch as the bride dresses herself in silly combinations.  
  5. Guess Who – Collect funny and interesting facts from the bride and groom about their likes, interests and habits. (Don’t ask anything too obvious like where they work.) Poll guests with 10 questions, and they have to guess if the fact is about the bride or groom. Find a fun online printout for this one.  
  6. Wedding Taboo - This is the popular game Taboo, but with a bridal theme. The hostess creates wedding-themed words, such as “white” and lists the Taboo words underneath — dress, bride, groom, etc. Borrow the buzzer from the Taboo board game to “buzz” the guests who blurt out the taboo words!
  7. Bring It! - This is a fun and fast game, and a nice final game to finish the party. Each guest writes down four things a bride should remember to bring on her honeymoon. The winner is anyone who writes down the word “groom!” You will be surprised at how often the groom gets forgotten for the “necessities” like lingerie, camera or a bathing suit! Genius Tip: Want to purchase a large bridal shower gift as a group? Use SignUpGenius Payments to organize and pay for it!
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 For a Couples Bridal Shower 

  1. Cinderella - This game requires that each of the female guests put a shoe in a pile. Each male guest must find the shoe that belongs to his date, and slip it on her foot as if she is Cinderella. Ladies, you may be surprised at how oblivious your date is to the shoes you painstakingly choose to go with your bridal shower outfit!
  2. Makeover Takeover - The bride and her bridal party get a makeover — but their dates are the makeup artists! Provide the men with lots of beauty supplies and watch them transform their dates. For extra challenge and extra fun, blindfold the groom while he makes over his bride.
  3. Find Your Groom - For this game, the ladies are blindfolded, while the gentlemen sit in a circle or line with their pants rolled up above their knees. The female guests must identify her date by feeling his knees. This game is good for lots of laughs! 
  4. The Memory Game - Several male volunteers are needed for this game. The male guests will think this is the classic memory game as the hostess brings in a tray of items for them to memorize. But then, their dates leave the room, and the men are quizzed on what their dates are wearing.
  5. Bridal Trivia - The hostess creates a bridal trivia game for the groom. Will he know the wedding colors? The type of flowers in the bouquet? How many children his bride would like to have someday? For each question the groom answers correctly, the bride can reward her groom with a kiss.
  6. The Relationship Game - For this game the hostess creates cards describing scenarios of famous television and movie couples. The guests who can identify the most famous couples first win the prize. You can play this as couples against couples or form larger teams.
  7. True or False - For this game each guest creates statements — some true, some false — about him or herself. Keep track of who answers the most questions correctly between the men or the women. The winning gender wins the prize!
  8. Tie the Knot Scavenger Hunt - This is a twist on the traditional scavenger hunt, because couples must gather items from around the house — with their legs tied together three-legged race style! The couple that gathers the most items without getting in a fight wins.
  9. Mars vs. Venus - Blindfold the bride and groom. Then, have her identify traditionally male items such as tools, while he identifies feminine items such as kitchen items or beauty products.
  10. Whose That Couple? The hostess needs to plan ahead for this game, but it is well worth the fun. Find pictures of famous couples in magazines or online, but replace their faces with the faces of the bride and groom. Pass the pictures around the room and have the guests try to identify the famous couple.

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For Creating a Bridal Shower Keepsake  

  1. Words of Wisdom - The hostess sets up a video camera in a spare room away from the party, and asks that at some point during the party each guest record herself giving a piece of advice to the bride.
  2. Family Recipes - Before the party, the hostess asks each guest to write her favorite recipe on a card and bring it to the shower. The hostess compiles these recipe cards into a book or box and presents them to the bride as a gift from all of her guests. This is a special way to include long-distance friends and relatives who can’t make it to the shower but want to be included. Genius Tip: Coordinating food? Wine? Gifts? Make it easy with an online sign up!
  3. From the Heart - For this keepsake activity the hostess cuts out small hearts from decorative paper. Each guest writes a bit of advice that she has learned about relationships, such as “always kiss each other goodnight.” Have the bride read each advice heart out loud. The hostess can gather the advice hearts in a container such as a vase or decorative basket.
  4. Remember When - This is a wonderful keepsake activity that is best done spontaneously — so very little planning required for the hostess. Gather the guests and have each tell a special “remember when” story about the bride. This activity is sure to bring laughter and tears. Have someone record this activity as a gift to the bride, as she will cherish these memories and those who share them for years to come.
  5. Strong Roots - For this activity, the hostess provides a small tree, clothespins and an empty photo album. Each guest brings a photo of herself with the bride or groom, and uses a clothespin to display the photo on the tree. The photo tree will be a conversation piece that brings back many memories during the shower. After the festivities, the photos go into the keepsake album, and the newlyweds can plant the tree in their yard to remind them of their friends and family members who provided them with strong roots.
 Planning a few of these activities will make the bridal shower a fun and memorable event for all who attend, especially the bride!  

Stacey Whitney is the mother of two teenagers and owner of WordsFound, a content company.