50 Easy Riddles that Kids Will Love - with Answers

A joke is meant to make you laugh, while a riddle challenges your logic and creativity. But you’ll often crack up when trying to solve these word puzzles!  

The earliest known written riddles date back 4,000 years, and some of the most famous ones are known from the Bible and Ancient Greece. Riddles are a timeless tradition, and a great way to engage with people of all ages. The answers can seem impossible, but then you’ll wonder how you missed them! 

Riddles are fun to decipher with your family or a larger group, giving everyone a way to connect and spark conversation. Throw out some of these riddles at dinner or your next event to get everyone thinking: 

  1. Riddle: What has hands but doesn’t clap?

Answer: A clock.

  1. Riddle: What has many keys but can’t open any doors?

Answer: A piano.

  1. Riddle: What has no legs, never walks but always runs?

Answer: A river.

  1. Riddle: Where does Friday come before Thursday?

Answer: In the dictionary.

  1. Riddle: When things go wrong, what can you always count on?

Answer: Your fingers.

  1. Riddle: What do you call a bear with no teeth?

Answer: A gummy bear.

  1. Riddle: What fish costs the most?

Answer: A goldfish!

  1. Riddle: Why was 6 afraid of 7? 

Answer: Because 7, 8 (ate), 9!

  1. Riddle: I travel all around the world, but never leave the corner. What am I? 

Answer: A stamp.

  1. Riddle: What type of music do rabbits listen to?

Answer: Hip hop!

  1. Riddle: Why can't a pirate ever finish the alphabet?

Answer: Because he always gets lost at sea!

  1. Riddle: If fish lived on land, where would they live?

Answer: In Finland.

  1. Riddle: How does the gingerbread man make his bed?

Answer: With cookie sheets.

  1. Riddle: Why does a dragon sleep all day?

Answer: So it can hunt knights!

  1. Riddle: How do you clean a dirty tuba?

Answer: With a tuba toothpaste!

  1. Riddle: Where do Turkeys go to dance?

Answer: The Butter Ball.

  1. Riddle: How did the chimp fix the leaky faucet?

Answer: With a monkey wrench.

  1. Riddle: What gets wet while drying?

Answer: A towel.

  1. Riddle: What two things can you never eat for breakfast?

Answer: Lunch and dinner.

  1. Riddle: Which is heavier: a ton of bricks or a ton of feathers?

Answer: They weigh the same.

  1. Riddle: What kind of band never plays music?

Answer: A rubber band.

  1.  Riddle: What has many ears but cannot hear?

Answer: Corn.

  1. Riddle: What falls in winter but never gets hurt?

Answer: Snow.

  1. Riddle: What is yours but mostly used by others? 

Answer: Your name.

  1. Riddle: What has 13 hearts, but no other organs?

Answer: A deck of cards.

  1. Riddle: Two fathers and two sons are in a car, yet there are only three people in the car. How?

Answer: They are grandfather, father, and son.

  1. What can you catch but not throw?

Answer: A cold.

  1. Riddle: The more of this there is, the less you see. What am I?

Answer: Darkness.

  1. Riddle: What begins with an "e" and only contains one letter?

Answer: An envelope.

  1. Riddle: What goes through towns and over mountains but never moves?

Answer: A road.

  1. Riddle: What is easy to get into but hard to get out of?

Answer: Trouble.

  1. Riddle. What can you break, even if you never pick it up or touch it?

Answer: A promise.

  1. Riddle: What has to be broken before you can use it?

Answer: An egg.

  1. Riddle: I can fill up a room without taking any space. What am I?

Answer: Light.

  1. Riddle: What answer can you never answer yes to?

Answer: Are you asleep yet?

  1. Riddle: What is always in front of you but can’t be seen?

Answer: The future.

  1. Riddle: If a brother, his sister, and their dog weren’t under an umbrella, why didn’t they get wet?

Answer: It wasn’t raining.

  1. Riddle: If you drop me, I'm sure to crack. Give me a smile, and I'll always smile back. What am I?

Answer: A mirror.

  1. Riddle: The more you take away, the bigger I get. What am I?

Answer: A hole.

  1. Riddle: I’m tall when I’m young, and I’m short when I’m old. What am I?

Answer: A candle.

  1. Riddle: The more you take, the more you leave behind. What am I?

Answer: Footsteps.

  1. Riddle: What month of the year has 28 days?

Answer: All of them.

  1. Riddle: What passes before the sun but casts no shadow?

Answer: Air.

  1. Riddle: A man who was outside in the rain without an umbrella or hat didn’t get a single hair on his head wet. Why?

Answer: He was bald.

  1. Riddle: What has words, but never speaks?

Answer: A book.

  1. Riddle: Where does today come before yesterday?

Answer: The dictionary.

  1. Riddle: A cowboy arrived in town on Friday, stayed one night, then left on Friday. How is this possible?

Answer: The horse's name is Friday.

  1. Riddle: Come up and we go, drop and we stay. What am I?

Answer: An anchor.

  1. Riddle: What building has the most stories?

Answer: The library.

  1. What word is spelled wrong in the dictionary?

Answer: the word “wrong.”

Whether you’re looking for ideas to entertain kids, or getting to know a new group, riddles are a fun way to break the ice and flex your brainpower. 

Ashley Kaufman is a marketing strategist at SignUpGenius. She loves telling (and reading) compelling stories and bringing people together.