100 Summer Craft Ideas for Kids, Page 2

Extra Prep Time and Special Supplies

  1. Crayon Melt on Canvas – Buy a small canvas and a box of crayons, or raid an existing stash. Peel the paper off all the crayons. Use a glue gun to attach the crayons to the top of the picture. Melt the crayons with a hair dryer, and watch them drip down, creating a modern work of art. This really works!
  2. Craft Table – Create a ‘craft space’ in a playroom or small corner of the home. Buy an inexpensive folding table and chairs, or use an old table. Get containers to hold supplies, or use shoeboxes and old pencil cases.
  3. Mr. Potato Head – An Irish twist: take a raw Russet potato and cut the bottom so it sits up flat. On the top, dig out a hole about two inches deep with a spoon. Insert soil and plant some grass seed. Add googly eyes, a nose and mouth. Put in a sunny window and watch the hair grow!
  4. Leaf with Mod Podge – Gather some leaves and purchase some Mod Podge. Place leaves on the paper and brush it over with the Mod Podge. Let dry for a beautiful, shiny leaf collage!
  5. Crayon Vase – Buy a bud vase and a box of crayons. Use a glue gun to attach the crayons around the vase! Voila, you have a teacher gift!
  6. Wooden Letters – Purchase the wooden letters of your child’s name from a craft store and paint them. Hang in your child’s room!
  7. Chalkboard Paint – Pick a wall in your playroom or child’s bedroom, and paint it over with chalkboard paint. Let the fun begin!
  8. Modern Wall – Need a fresh or older look to your child’s bedroom? Paint one wall of their room with a fresh new color.
  9. Angels or Crosses – Buy wooden angels or crosses and paint them. Hang them over your child’s bedroom door.
  10. Cigar Box Dollhouse – Ask the cigar store for empty boxes. Using your glue gun, fasten them together to make a dollhouse with instant wallpaper!
  11. Playhouse Pick-me-up – Have a swing set in the backyard that needs to be revived? Go outside and stain it together! If it has a clubhouse on top, paint graffiti on the inside.
  12. Play Dough – Mix together 1 cup flour, 1 cup boiling water, 2 tablespoons Cream of Tartar, ½ cup of salt, and 1 tablespoon of oil. Add food coloring and knead. Store in Ziploc bags for re-use, up to a week. Homemade Play Dough has a really cool consistency!
  13. Graffiti T-shirts – Have the kids wear a white t-shirt. Fill up water guns with a mix of food coloring and water and let them go to town, becoming walking pieces of art in the process.
  14. Draw – Look online for a tutorial on how to draw a dolphin, horse, or dog. Try doing it together and compare the results!
  15. Knitting – Learn how, or teach your child how to knit! Online tutorials, craft store classes, and grandmas are great for this!
  16. Cross-stitch – A good starter craft. Hit the craft store and start making something for grandma to hang on her wall!
  17. Origami Money Shirt – Look up online instructions on how to make an Origami money shirt. All you need is a one-dollar bill and some patience!
  18. Photo Books – No time to do anything with your photos? Print some out and assemble a photo book together.
  19. Scrapbooks – If you want to get even fancier, buy a scrapbook and use your photos and art supplies to create themed pages, documenting your family’s favorite moments!
  20. Stuff-a-Lamp – Purchase a clear glass lamp that has a top that can be removed. Insert your child’s favorite “collection” items: matchbox cars, shells, stuffed animals, super balls.
  21. Painted Bookcase – Paint a bookcase with cool designs to dress it up a bit.
  22. Famous Artist – Study an artist online and paint your version of one of their famous works of art. You can also paint an original, using their style as inspiration.
  23. Canvas Wall Art – Buy some canvases, paints, brushes, and a little container for storage. Pick a backyard or beach scene and get painting!
  24. Carnival Games – For those industrious carpenters out there, make a homemade Plinko, Cornhole, or Bean Bag Toss game! Look online for specs. Paint it school colors and donate to your school festival or preschool.
  25. Bedroom Door Sign – Grab a small piece of wood. Sand it, paint it with your child’s name and decorate to suit her interests. Attach ribbon and hang it on your child’s door.
  26. Sewing – Hand sewing kits are available online, or you can just start simple. Older kids can mend clothes or make a felt pillow.

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