35 Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

Easter is such a special holiday for families. The holiday presents many opportunities to do fun activities and crafts that celebrate Easter traditions. These craft ideas are inspired by all things Easter and spring — from the blooming flowers to Easter egg hunts.

Many of these crafts have a short, reasonable supply list, so you can easily adapt them for a group or classroom setting. Kids will enjoy these creative ways to celebrate the colors, traditions and sweetness of the changing seasons and Easter.

Easter animal crafts

  1. Bunny Garland

Materials: construction paper, pom poms, yarn/string, crayons/markers 
Tools: single hold punch, scissors
Directions: Create an Easter garland by cutting out little bunny shapes. Decorate them by coloring, adding faces or simply adding a large pom-pom for the tail. Then, punch a hole along the top of each bunny to put a string through.

  1. Hand-Shaped Bunnies

Materials: pastel construction paper, glue/glue stick, decorations of choice (such as stickers, stamps, sequins)
Tools: scissors
Directions: Create bunnies by having little ones trace their hands on pastel construction paper. Cut out the hands and bend and glue back all fingers except for the pointer and ring fingers. Decorate the clean side with a face and other bunny details.

  1. Hand-Shaped Lambs

Materials: black construction paper, cotton balls, googly eyes, decorations of choice (such as stickers, stamps, sequins)
Tools: scissors
Directions: Similar to the bunnies, start by having kids trace their hands on black construction paper and then cut it out. Flip it upside down so the thumb becomes the head, the fingers are the legs and the palm of the hand is the body. Glue cotton balls to the body and then add googly eyes and other details to the thumb to create the head and face.

  1. Pom Pom Bunny Eggs

Materials: painted or plastic eggs, pipe cleaners, pom poms, glue
Tools: None
Directions: It’s easy to create cute pom-pom bunny eggs. Simply use short pieces of pipe cleaners to create small M shapes and then push them or glue them onto a pom pom. Glue the pom pom to the top of the narrow part of the egg. Add details to customize your pom-pom bunny.

  1. Bunny Ears

Materials: headbands, pipe cleaners or felt, decorations such as faux flowers, pom poms
Tools: None
Directions: Create your own bunny ears by getting a headband without any embellishment and then using pipe cleaners or felt to make the ears. Glue them in place on the headband. Then fill in the space between the ears with faux flowers, pom-poms or other fun details.

  1. Bunny Cutouts

Materials: Construction paper, art paints
Tools: scissors, template of bunny to trace
Directions: Use a template to cut out a bunny shape on half a piece of construction paper that’s been folded in half (so a quarter of a piece of construction paper). When folded, this paper should look like a card. Cut out the shape of the bunny. Then, paint and color pieces of paper that will go inside the card and show through the bunny cutout. Write a message inside the card and give them away.

  1. Hand-Painted Chicks

Materials: thick white paper, orange construction paper, washable yellow paint, glue, yellow feathers, googly eyes
Tools: None
Directions: Use those little hands for another Easter animal, but this time, press their hands into washable yellow paint and then gently place them on thick white paper. Once it’s dry, use glue to add yellow feathers to the hand, googly eyes and an orange carrot-shaped nose. For even more detail, add orange legs to complete the chick.

  1. Bunny Pots

Materials: flowerpots, acrylic paints, googly eyes, string and pom-poms, glue, felt or pipe cleaners.
Tools: None
Directions: Pick up affordable flowerpots at a craft store, preferably in a neutral color. Then, using acrylic paints, paint the entire pot a fun Easter color. Use googly eyes, string and pom-poms to create the bunny face on the front of the pot. On the back, glue bunny ears made from felt or pipe cleaners. Fill the pot with dirt and flower seeds or use fake grass and egg carton flowers (see below).

  1. Bunny Cookie Decorating

Materials: Sugar cookie mix or ingredients, white frosting and food coloring (or pastel colored frosting), cookie decorations like sprinkles
Tools: Easter cookie cutters
Directions: Sometimes, you want to create something you can actually eat, rather than using supplies you’ll eventually throw away. Use a cookie cutter to create bunny-shaped sugar cookies. Then, use pastel-colored frosting and fun edible decorations and enjoy decorating the bunny-shaped cookies. Of course, eating them after is the best part!

  1. Bunny Bags

Materials: paper bags, markers or colored pencils, pipe cleaner or twist tie
Tools: None
Directions: If you’re having a little party or classroom celebration, you’ll want a fun way to send kids home with all their treats. Decorate paper bags with little bunny faces and then fill them with treats, leaving some room at the top. Tie off the bag using a pipe cleaner or twist tie. Cut the leftover bag down the middle and shape it into bunny ears. You can also pre-cut the bunny shape before filling, too.

  1. Chick and Lamb Crafts

Materials: yellow and white paper plates, grey and orange scrapbook paper, yellow feathers, googly eyes and craft glue
Tools: scissors
Directions: These adorable paper plate crafts use just a few things you may already have at home, like paper plates, construction paper and paint. Use cotton balls, pom poms, feathers and googly eyes for even more fun. Find the whole tutorial here.

  1. Baby Chick Cups

Materials: white paper cups, yellow and orange construction paper, yellow feathers, googly eyes
Tools: paintbrush (optional)
Directions: Use white paper cups for this easy craft that will store delicious treats like popcorn, mini-Cadbury eggs and more. Start by painting the cups or wrapping yellow construction paper around them. Glue yellow feathers on the back, sticking up. Add googly eyes and an orange nose to complete the chick. Then, put the treats inside!

  1. Watercolor Bunny Art

Materials: White paper, bunny cutout, tape, watercolor paints
Tools: None
Directions: Take a bunny cutout and tape it to a plain white piece of paper. Make sure the tape is only underneath the bunny shape and not around it. Using watercolors, paint the entire paper. Then, after it’s dried, slowly remove the bunny shape, so you can see the watercolors around the bunny shape.

  1. Popsicle Stick Chicks

Materials: popsicle sticks, yellow paint, yellow and orange construction paper, googly eyes, yellow feathers, glue
Directions: Using small popsicle sticks, line up 5 vertical sticks and glue the sides together. Then, paint them yellow and let them dry. Add little yellow construction paper wings to the sides and orange feet at the bottom. Googly eyes and a little orange nose complete the face on top of the chick. You can also use yellow feathers glued to the back for more.

  1. Easter Bunny Corner Bookmark

Directions: Use this easy tutorial to create DIY origami bookmarks with an Easter bunny face.

  1. Paper Plate Easter Wreath

Materials: large paper plate, art paints, construction paper, glue,
Tools: Scissors
Directions: Cut out the center of a large paper plate to create a wreath shape and then paint and decorate what’s left. Cut out bunnies, chicks, carrots and more and glue them onto the wreath. Kids will love being able to customize their wreaths. 

Easter egg craft ideas

  1. Pipe Cleaner Eggs

Materials: plastic eggs, pipe cleaners in assorted colors
Tools: hot glue gun
Directions: Skip the mess of dying eggs and consider wrapping them in colorful pipe cleaners instead. This is much easier with fake eggs, so they don’t crack. Use hot glue to keep the pipe cleaner in place and add dots of hot glue as you go. Start at the top and slowly curve around and around until you’ve wrapped the entire egg. Use different colors to create an ombre effect or use the same pipe cleaner color for an allover look.

  1. Pom Pom Eggs

Materials: colored construction paper, pom-poms, glue
Tools: scissors
Directions: Kids love working with pom-poms, so here’s another way to use this affordable, crowd-pleasing supply. Draw egg shapes on construction paper and let kids glue the pom-poms to the egg shape. They can create patterns, stripes, or whatever they want to fill in the egg.

  1. Slime-Filled Eggs

Materials: glitter slime, plastic eggs
Tools: None
Directions: Create glittery, colored slime to match plastic eggs and then put the slime in the matching egg for storage. Eggs can be used in place of candy for Easter egg hunts, Easter baskets or just used as a fun craft.

  1. Salt-Dough Easter Eggs

Directions: Check out this post with steps to make your salt dough eggs. Salt dough is created with just three ingredients: flour, salt and water. After the salt dough eggs have set, you can paint them and decorate them with anything you want: sequins, glitter, and more.

  1. Felt Easter Eggs

Materials: felt in Easter colors, decorations like pom poms, sequins and rhinestones
Tools: hot glue gun
Directions: Cut out Easter egg shapes from felt and then use hot glue to decorate with all kinds of decorations: sequins, beads, pom poms, more felt designs, rhinestones, buttons, ribbons and more. Have an adult help with the hot glue.

  1. Washi Tape Easter Eggs

Materials: Washi tape in Easter colors and prints, white paper
Tools: scissors
Directions: If you’ve got an enviable collection of Washi Tape, this one is for you. Use the tape to decorate egg shapes traced on white paper. Once finished, cut out the egg shapes and use for decoration.

  1. Washi Egg Garland

Materials: Washi Tape Easter Eggs (see above), string
Tools: single hold punch
Directions: Create a beautiful garland with your Washi Tap Eggs. Punch a small hole along the top and use string to connect the eggs. Hang them along your mantel, between shelves, or anywhere for a quick and easy decoration.

  1. Glitter Eggs

Materials: hardboiled or plastic eggs, glue, glitter in colors of choice
Tools: None
Directions: Know someone who loves sparkles more than paint? This will be their favorite egg decorating activity ever. Simply put a thin layer of glue all along the egg and then dip the egg into bowls of glitter. Doing half of the egg works best, so your fingers don’t leave spaces where there isn’t any glitter. Allow to dry.

  1. Peek-a-Boo Clothespin Eggs

Directions: These adorable peek-a-boo eggs reveal a little baby chick inside. Check out the full tutorial to learn what you need and how to make them.

  1. Q-Tip Egg Painting

Materials: Q-Tips, washable paints, hard-boiled eggs or construction paper
Directions: Q-Tips are an easy painting tool for kids of all ages to use. All you’ll need is a selection of paints and Q-Tips and you’re ready to go. They can either paint real hard-boiled eggs or paper egg cutouts.

  1. Stained Glass Egg Suncatcher

Directions: Kids love creating suncatchers of all shapes and sizes. This easy tutorial will walk you through how to create Easter egg suncatchers.

  1. Stamped Easter Egg Craft

Materials: construction paper
Tools: sponges, scissors
Directions: Cut egg shapes out of dollar store sponges and use them as stencils for this creative art piece. Start by having kids create a basket shape using stripes of cut-out construction paper. Then, to fill the basket, use the egg-shaped stencils dipped in paint.

  1. Decorated Egg Wreath

Materials: large paper plates, construction paper, Washi tape, decorations
Directions: Kids will be so proud to display this egg wreath. Start by cutting the center out of a large paper plate. Then, have kids decorate enough egg cutouts to cover the entire wreath, with slight overlaps. Eggs could be painted, decorated with Washi tape, covered in scrapbooking paper, or decorated with glitter. Glue eggs down to keep them secure.

Egg carton crafts

It’s no secret that we use a lot more eggs during the Easter season than normal. But don’t throw away all those egg cartons. There are a lot of fun crafts you can do using those paper cartons.

  1. Egg Carton Flowers

Materials: empty egg cartons, art paint, pipe cleanings/floral wiring
Tools: hole punch, scissors
Directions: Cut off the edges of the carton so that all you’re left with is the individual cups where the eggs were. Cut out each individual egg carton. Then paint the cups inside and out. Add details for petals, veining, or any other detail you want. Then attach floral wire or pipe cleaners by punching a small hole through the middle of the flower and creating a small knot at the top of the pipe cleaner to hold the flower in place. You can also bend the pipe cleaners underneath the flower to create leaves, which will also stabilize the flowers. Set flowers in a short vase.

  1. Egg Carton Chicks

Materials: empty egg cartons, art paints, construction paper, hardboiled eggs, feathers (optional)
Tools: scissors
Directions: Start by cutting out the egg cups from the carton. Paint the egg cup the same color as a dyed egg, using colors for chicks, such as orange and yellow. Then, set the egg in the cup, add details for a face, and either create feathers using construction paper and set them behind the egg or use actual feathers.

  1. Egg Carton Bunnies

Materials: empty egg cartons, art paints, google eyes, small pom poms, string, construction paper/felt
Tools: hot glue gun
Directions: Similar to the chicks, remove the egg cups from a carton. Paint two of them the same color. White is always a great option for bunnies, but you can use any color. Then, place one egg carton on top of another and use hot glue to only attach the back of the top to the back of the bottom. Then, create a bunny face either by drawing or using googly eyes, a pom-pom nose and string whiskers on the top egg carton. Attach small felt or construction paper ears to the back. Fill the egg carton bunny with little candies.

  1. Egg Crate Candleholders

Materials: empty egg cartons, art paints, battery operated tealight candles
Tools: scissors
Directions: Decorate your table with egg crate candles with this easy craft. Cut off the egg cups and paint them. Then, once dry, put in battery-operated tealight candles and set them out to sparkle.

  1. Egg Carton Garden

Materials: empty egg carton, art paints, soil, seeds
Tools: none
Directions: Use your egg carton to create a garden, by painting the egg carton inside and out and letting it dry. Then, add a small amount of soil to each cup and sprinkle a few seeds for herbs, like parsley, cilantro, chives, etc. Water your garden a little bit each day and speak kindly to it. Watch as it slowly comes to life.

  1. Faux Egg Carton Garden

Materials: empty egg carton, construction paper, fake Easter grass, felt, markers
Tools: scissors
Directions: Not ready to take care of a garden? Recreate the egg carton garden using construction paper to cut grass and glue it along the edges. Use fake Easter grass in each of the egg cups. Then, add paper flowers and little paper or felt creatures like bunnies, chicks, ladybugs, snails and more to complete your pretend garden.

We hope this gave you a lot of creative ideas for Easter crafts that kids will love. You can easily adapt many of these crafts to fit the supplies you have on hand and the ages of your group.

Use the egg carton ideas to make use of all those extra egg cartons around Easter and remember to save them for the rest of the year in preparation for next Easter, too!

Erica Jabali is a freelance writer and blogs over at ispyfabulous.com.