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corkboard organization35. Corkboard! Put a corkboard on the inside of a kitchen cabinet to store recipes or important numbers.
36. Command hooks are great tools for hanging keys, jewelry, or displaying school work.   
37. Decorative keys are fun and functional, so it’s easy to keep up with the key to the house or the car and easier to find the replacement key if you need it.
38. Outgoing items (like library books and dry cleaning) can go straight into a designated tote on the passenger seat of your car so they are right at hand and ready for drop off.
39. Budget. Don’t just organize your “stuff.” Take the time to organize your finances, too.
40. Manage money online. Keep track of finances and pay bills online to eliminate paper waste and keep track of expenses all in one place.

Collect money directly on sign ups for fundraising or pledge donations.

41. Make use of all of your space. Use an under the bed storage box, shelves in a small nook in your house, or over the door hooks to maximize your space.
42. Don’t put off the paperwork. Deal with mail and school papers EVERY DAY. Sort the mail and school memos as soon as you get them and make sure they wind up where they need to be - trash, file, or storage.
43. Keep your desk clear. An organized workspace is a functional workspace. Have and maintain a filing system for paperwork to keep your desk clutter free.
44. Ask a friend! Rent or borrow. Don’t buy things that you use rarely - seasonal tools, books, DVDs, magazines. The less stuff you have, the less stuff you have to organize!
45. Out with the old. Every time you buy something new, plan to give away or throw out something old. Keep clutter to a minimum by only keeping what you need.
46. Storage solutions for every room. Add storage solutions to every room. It may be as simple as adding a trashcan so that all of those papers have somewhere to go. Think: functionality!
47. Multiple use furniture. Can your coffee table double as toy storage? What about a decorative suit case as a linen keeper? Your décor can be functional and stylish.
48. Think up! Organization doesn’t just have to happen on the floor. Use your wall space! Hanging organizers, hooks, and even thumbtacks can work as great organizational tools to hang your smaller items.
49. Labels, labels, labels! Now you’ve got a lot of great storage and organizational systems, but what’s in them? Label everything, from boxes in the garage to pantry items to fridge shelves, and make it easy for the whole family to keep things in their place.
50. Commit. Now that you have some new organizational skills, use them! Make organization a priority and have your best year yet!

Julia Hembree is a full time mom and part time freelance writer who thrives on chocolate, Starbucks, and toddler kisses.