50 Thanksgiving Would You Rather Icebreaker Questions

family gathered at thanksgiving dinner laughing and smilingIt’s that time of year again: to gather around the table, eat good food and to hope desperately that your in-laws don’t make you run a Turkey Trot. It’s Thanksgiving, and no matter who you have around your table, spice up the conversation with these would-you-rather questions!

  1. Would you rather eat an entire turkey by yourself or eat all the Thanksgiving stuffing by yourself?
  2. Would you rather have two days of Thanksgiving or two days of Christmas?
  3. Would you rather have a Thanksgiving meal without your favorite dish, or have a meal made up of only your favorite Thanksgiving dish?
  4. Would you rather cook the Thanksgiving meal or clean up the dishes?
  5. Would you rather eat Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant or at home?
  6. Would you rather take a nap after the meal or watch a football game?
  7. Would you rather always smell like turkey or always smell like gravy?
  8. Would you rather be in the Thanksgiving Day parade, or be one of the hosts commenting on the parade?

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  1. Would you rather wear a pilgrim hat to school and work for all of November, or eat Thanksgiving food for every day of November?
  2. Would you rather wash your hair with mashed potatoes or with stuffing?
  3. Would you rather go Black Friday shopping or watch Thanksgiving football?
  4. Would you rather eat an entire pumpkin pie or drink the whole gravy boat?
  5. Would you rather say fifty things you’re thankful for or listen to someone else say fifty things they’re thankful for?
  6. Would you rather be in charge of the Snoopy balloon or the Ronald McDonald balloon in the Thanksgiving Day Parade?
  7. Would you rather eat a Thanksgiving meal with just your hands, or have to open your Christmas presents using a fork?
  8. Would you rather keep a turkey as a pet for a year, or have to kill the turkey you eat for Thanksgiving?
  9. Would you rather be a turkey in a Thanksgiving school play or a corn on the cob?
  10. Would you rather run a Turkey Trot and come in first, or not have to run it at all?
  11. Would you rather wear pants two sizes too small to Thanksgiving dinner, or listen to a family member tell a gross story while you’re trying to eat Thanksgiving dinner?
  12. Would you eat a burnt Thanksgiving dinner or an undercooked Thanksgiving dinner?

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  1. Would you rather take a bath in cranberry sauce or go swimming in a pool of apple cider?
  2. Would you rather get $100 dollars for every slice of pie you ate, or get $1,000 for eating no Thanksgiving food at all?
  3. Would you rather take an expensive Thanksgiving vacation or eat an expensive Thanksgiving dinner?
  4. Would you rather eat Thanksgiving dinner with the UK’s royal family or with your own family?
  5. Would you rather play in an NFL football game (with the football skills you have now) or sing at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade (with the singing abilities you have now)?
  6. Would you rather always feel too full or always feel a little hungry?
  7. Would you rather give a turkey a bath or mash a bathtub full of potatoes?
  8. Would you rather eat an entire onion or uncooked corn on the cob?
  9. Would you rather cook an entire Thanksgiving meal using only a grill or only a microwave?
  10. Would you rather have to work on Black Friday or have to work on Thanksgiving?
  11. Would you rather turn into a turkey on Thanksgiving or turn into an elf on Christmas?
  12. Would you rather spend Thanksgiving in New York City or on a farm?
  1. Would you rather eat at the kids table or the grown-ups table?
  2. Would you rather burn your turkey, but have an otherwise perfect meal, or burn everything except the turkey, which is perfect?
  3. Would you rather say what you’re grateful for before you eat or after?
  4. Would you rather drink hot cocoa or cold apple cider with your Thanksgiving meal?
  5. Would you rather eat raw pumpkin or eat raw cranberries?
  6. Would you rather be able to run a Turkey Trot without feeling tired or be able to cook perfectly without using a recipe?
  7. Would you rather invite a famous person to join your family’s dinner, or be the one person invited to join a famous family’s dinner?
  8. Would you rather travel to a relative’s house for Thanksgiving dinner or eat Thanksgiving at your own house?
  9. Would you rather wear a silly hat to Thanksgiving dinner or wear funny mittens on Christmas morning?
  10. Would you rather do a potluck Thanksgiving dinner (without using SignUpGenius) and end up with everyone bringing stuffing, or end up with everyone bringing mashed potatoes?

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  1. Would you rather dress your pet as a turkey for Thanksgiving or dress your pet as a pilgrim?
  2. Would you rather burp loudly at Thanksgiving dinner or spill your drink?
  3. Would you rather cook and clean up Thanksgiving dinner or shop for everyone in your family on Black Friday?
  4. Would you rather sing the National Anthem for an NFL game or coach an NFL football team?
  5. Would you rather dress in feathers like a turkey, or dress in orange like a pumpkin for the Thanksgiving meal?
  6. Would you rather not get passed food during Thanksgiving dinner or constantly be passing food for other people during the meal?
  7. Would you rather eat your Thanksgiving meal for dinner or lunch?
  8. Would you rather eat Thanksgiving leftovers for an entire year or never eat Thanksgiving food again?
Whatever your table looks like, these questions are sure to make your meal a great one! 

Kayla Rutledge is a college student who spends most of her time writing, singing for her church and eating quesadillas.