100 Ways to Say I Love You on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day gift ideas, say I love you, creative Valentine's IdeasThere are so many people that you care about, so say “I Love You” to all of them on Valentine’s Day! Here are 100 creative ways to show them how much you care.

Saying “I Love You” to Your Children  

  1. Make them heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast. (Or dinner!) Add whip cream and berries to spell “I heart you.”
  2. Put a note in their lunch boxes to remind them that you love them. List three ways they are special to you.
  3. Take your child out on a “date” to his favorite restaurant.
  4. Reread your older child her favorite bedtime story from when she was little.
  5. Write a silly Valentine’s Day poem to your older child and text it to him.
  6. Let your younger children make their own ice cream sundaes with ALL the toppings.
  7. Text your teen pictures of the two of you together when she was younger.
  8. Decorate their lunch bags with Valentine’s Day stickers.
  9. Create a theme night around your kid’s favorite flick: from the dinner menu to the table decor to a family game! Of course, finish the evening with popped corn and movie time.
  10. Let your child choose the music that you listen to on the way to school.
  11. Treat your daughter to a mani-pedi, and let her choose your colors!
  12. Create a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt for your children, with a toy or chocolate treat as the prize.
  13. Do something messy with your young child, such as painting or cooking together.
  14. Find your older child’s first teddy bear and put it on her bed, with a Valentine’s message from Teddy.
  15. Let your child create the dinner menu, and then cook his favorite meal.
  16. Sneak a gift card or a $10 bill into your teenager’s car, then text him that you are treating him to fro-yo.
  17. Pack a surprise snack or dessert in her lunch box that your child can share with her friends.
  18. Give your child a “Get out of Jail Free Card” for Valentine’s Day that he can redeem when he doesn’t do a chore that he was supposed to do — no scolding allowed!
  19. Decorate a Valentine’s Day pizza for dinner with toppings shaped like hearts or X’s and O’s.
  20. End Valentine’s Day with milk and heart-shaped cookies in bed.

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Saying “I Love You” to Your Significant Other  

  1. Make a list of the 10 things you love most about your significant other and text it to him — one item at a time throughout the day — countdown style.
  2. Buy your wife some bubble bath and draw a bath for her just as she is getting ready to cook dinner. Then, take over the dinner prep while she soaks.
  3. Have his car detailed, and leave him a love note on the dashboard.
  4. Download the song that you danced to at your wedding, and dance to it together.
  5. Have the florist replicate your wife’s wedding bouquet, and deliver it to her on Valentine’s Day.
  6. Surprise your partner with something from his “bucket list” such as a skydiving lesson.
  7. Make her a coupon book of pampering favors, such as back rubs or foot rubs.
  8. Rent her favorite rom-com, and watch it together while eating chocolates and drinking her favorite wine.
  9. Rent his favorite action movie, and watch it while enjoying a manly combo of his favorite meat appetizers and beer.
  10. Watch the movie that you saw together on your first movie date.
  11. Hide love notes in surprise places, such as in his briefcase, his car or next to his shoes.
  12. Have a copy of your wedding vows framed.
  13. Plan a surprise date — have your partner set aside time, but don’t tell her where you are going for dinner or entertainment.
  14. Sign both of you up for a class that your partner would enjoy, such as a cooking or yoga class.
  15. Go through his desk calendar and insert little love notes that he will appreciate finding all year long.
  16. Surprise your partner by doing a chore that is on her to-do list.
  17. Skip your chores to go for a walk together — and hold hands.
  18. Light a fire, open a bottle of wine and look through your wedding photo album together. If you have a wedding video – even better. Turn the lights low, light some candles and reminisce.
  19. Write down popular book and movie quotes that are about love and leave them scattered about the house for your partner to find.
  20. Send your wife a dozen roses, and include a note with a dozen reasons why you love her.
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Say “I Love You” to a Friend 

  1. Text your friend and tell her five things you admire most about her.
  2. Cover your friend’s volunteer shift at school.
  3. Offer to babysit your friend’s children while she meets her husband for lunch.
  4. Coordinate a time you can “kidnap” your friend for a couple hours of unexpected fun — visit a coffee shop, go for a hike or schedule massages.
  5. Buy silly matching hats or mittens for an exercise friend for her and you to wear on your walks or workouts.
  6. Bring your friend a latte while she’s working.
  7. Surprise a friend by decorating her front door with spring flowers or a wreath.
  8. Print and frame your favorite picture of the two of you.
  9. Schedule a “sick” day with a friend and spend the day catching up.
  10. If your friend has a dog, then surprise her by arriving at her house before their scheduled walk. Bring her favorite magazine, and let her relax and read while you walk her dog.
  11. Send a childhood friend a picture of the two of you along with a message reminiscing about the fun times you had together as kids.
  12. Change your workout schedule so that you exercise with your friend on Valentine’s Day.
  13. Make your friend a song mix, including songs that make you think of your friendship over the years or fun things you’ve done together.
  14. Treat your friend to a luxury product that she would not usually buy for herself.
  15. For a friend who likes to cook, pick up some fresh herbs so she can be creative in the kitchen for Valentine’s Day.
  16. Program a silly or sentimental ringtone into your friend’s phone for your number.
  17. Give a metaphorical gift to your friend. A glass half full of Valentine’s candies for a friend who is always optimistic will show how much you appreciate this characteristic.
  18. Drive your friend’s carpool and give her the gift of extra time on Valentine’s Day.
  19. Make a basket of muffins for your friend and make a surprise delivery to her work or home.
  20. Buy your friend a lottery ticket — because your friendship is worth a million dollars!

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Saying “I Love You” to Your Parents  

  1. Make a homemade Valentine’s Day card for mom and dad like you did when you were little. Bring on the glue and glitter!
  2. Take mom or dad out for lunch.
  3. Send your parents a list of the top 10 parenting skills you learned from them.
  4. Spend time with dad doing his favorite hobby, such as golfing or fishing.
  5. Cook mom’s favorite dinner for her.
  6. Write a note reminding your parents about one of your favorite childhood moments with them.
  7. Schedule a mother/daughter spa day.
  8. Surprise dad by bringing over coffee and doughnuts for breakfast.
  9. Write a thank-you note to mom or dad thanking them for something they did for you when you were little that you didn’t fully appreciate until you had your own children.
  10. Make your parents a playlist of the songs that were popular when they were teenagers.
  11. Buy you and your mom copies of the same book so you can read it together.
  12. Treat your parents to date night at their favorite restaurant.
  13. Make your dad an “assistant for the day” coupon book, and turn a lonely chore into time together.
  14. Take your parents to a place that they used to take you when you were little, such as a favorite park, museum or restaurant.
  15. If mom likes to cook, then gather her favorite recipes together and create her personal recipe book.
  16. Find the photo of you and your dad dancing at your wedding and send him a copy, letting him know how important he has been throughout your life.
  17. Have an old photo of your parents framed or reframed and write a note reminding them how much you love them.
  18. Offer to host your mom’s book club, knitting club or weekly bridge game at your house, so she can enjoy her social time without the prep work.
  19. Send a family photo to your parents, and write a letter to tell them the qualities that you see and appreciate in your children or yourself that you inherited from them, such as their freckles, passion for sports or sense of humor.
  20. Make sure you hug mom and dad on Valentine’s Day.

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Saying “I Love You” through Random Acts of Kindness  

  1. Pay for fast food for the person behind you in the drive-through line.
  2. Make soup for someone in your neighborhood — don’t wait for someone to get sick to help out!
  3. Double the tip for your restaurant server.
  4. Plant flowers in a public area that needs a little TLC.
  5. Treat your child’s volunteer coach to dinner with his or her spouse.
  6. Decorate a teacher’s bulletin board.
  7. Give the babysitter the night off, and pay her anyway!
  8. Bring Valentine’s Day cookies to the bus stop for the neighborhood children.
  9. Bring in a dessert to share at the office.
  10. Leave a Valentine’s Day card or gift for your mail carrier.
  11. Leave a container of change next to the vending machines at the office to treat employees to something sweet on Valentine’s Day
  12. Bring a basket of fruit, granola bars and muffins to your local fire station to wish the fire fighters happy Valentine’s Day.
  13. Decorate an officemate’s cubicle or workspace anonymously.
  14. Tip someone who doesn’t usually get a tip, such as your cashier at the grocery store.
  15. Go Valentine’s Day caroling, and serenade your neighbors or the local retirement home with classic love songs.
  16. Leave take out menus in the school office and treat the school secretaries to lunch.
  17. Write Valentine’s Day wishes and inspirational quotes on sticky notes, and post them around your community.
  18. Let the person behind you cut in line, giving her the gift of extra time on Valentine’s Day.
  19. Compliment 10 strangers on Valentine’s Day. Giving compliments is easy, free and sure to cause smiling and happiness!
  20. Donate to a favorite charity to help those in need in your community. In many cases every dollar counts, so giving just a little can make a difference!
Spend a little time planning ahead this Valentine’s Day, and you’ll reap the rewards. Your gesture doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive — as long as it comes from the heart. 

Stacey Whitney is the mother of two teenagers and owner of WordsFound, a content company.