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carnival ticket boothFUNDRAISING

Questions to Consider:
1. What is your fundraising goal? Refer to this as you plan your events.
2. What is your community's tolerance for fundraising?  Have you or will you solicit funds in other ways this year? Keep fundraiser "fun" and affordable for families.

Fundraising Tips and Suggestions:
1. Pre-sell raffle tickets and have winners announced at the carnival.
2. Come up with some fun Silent Auction ideas! What about a collaborative canvas or gift basket from each classroom? Solicit parent and community owned businesses for donations.
3. Sell school spirit wear at the carnival or online.
4. Solicit sponsorships from local businesses and offer signage in return for underwriting.
5. Concession stands and bake sales are perfect for this type of event. Food sells!
6. Donations, Donations, Donations! Make sure your committees aren't afraid to ask! Do be careful about how much you solicit from parents because you're asking them to spend money on tickets and concessions. You don't want to burn them out before the carnival.

How SignUpGenius can help:


Questions to Consider:
1. How many volunteers plus alternates do you need staffing each area?
2. Is the length of your carnival and the number of volunteers needed to staff the carnival realistic? Take the number of volunteers needed into consideration when choosing the length of your carnival.

Volunteer Suggestions and Tips:
1. Organize day of event volunteers into shifts.
2. Think beyond just asking parents and teachers to serve as volunteers. For Example, students from the high school may need volunteer hours. Civic groups and local businesses may be able to help as well!
3. Think of creative ways to get popular teachers or local “celebrities” involved. If you have a few well-known people involved who will allow themselves to get hit with a cream pie or dunked in a water booth, these individuals can help tremendously.

Pre-event Volunteers and
Ideas for Sub-committees:

Day of Event Volunteers:
  • Rentals
  • Sponsorships
  • Publicity
  • Music/Entertainment
  • Early ticket sales
  • Prize procurement
  • Signage
  • Set up and take down
  • Concessions
  • Booths - games and prizes
  • Rides/Inflatables
  • Traffic
  • Floaters (refilling supplies,
    first aid, monitor trash cans)

How SignUpGenius can help:

Volunteer organizing is a breeze with SignUpGenius. If you have a need for multiple committee chairmen to organize volunteers or want the ability the hide certain fields or ask custom questions in your event sign ups, consider using SignUpGenius PRO!


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