A Fun and Festive Classroom Easter Party

Easter or Spring break parties are now being planned in schools everywhere. So, create some fun with games, festive crafts, and spring time treats. Here are our tips on how to make your spring party festive and entertaining.

Party Logistics: Answer the questions What? Where? When?

1) Decide when and where the party activities will take place.
2) Consider how much time is allotted for the festivities and what time the party will start and end.
3) Communicate with the teacher! A clear party timetable will help you decide what activities can be accomplished during your party and how much help you will need.
4) Recruit parent volunteers early to get their weigh in on when they will be available.
5) Set up expectations as far as what time you would like your volunteers to arrive and what time to begin cleanup.

Party Volunteers: Enlist the help of other classroom parents.

6) Delegate. It is wise to put one, or maybe even several, parents in charge of the Easter or springtime games. Another few can be in charge of snacks, décor, prizes, etc.
7) Divide and conquer. With the help of an online sign up everyone can choose a responsibility that fits his or her family’s budget and schedule. One person can choose to run the games while another donates juice boxes this time around.
8) Provide supervision. Depending on how many activities you choose, schedule enough volunteers to allow proper supervision of the children.
9) Limit the choices. Dyeing eggs, making Easter baskets, and having an Easter egg hunt, all while eating candy, may require a little more attention. Be realistic!
10) Send reminders! Thankfully, with SignUpGenius, you won’t have to set any additional reminders. The system updates individuals who have signed up for responsibilities via text or email automatically!

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Party Donations: How will you secure the items you will need?

11) Inquire as to where the funds will come from for prizes, special games, and party festivities. 
12) Budget accordingly. Will you be asking parents to donate decorations and prizes or will your PTA or PTO provide a budget for your party?
13) Coordinate party needs via an online sign up to eliminate reply-all emails and item duplication.
14) Set a clear plan upfront so you are not asking for last minute needs. That can be a hassle to all involved!

Easter spring classroom party sign up for volunteers

Party Decorations and Games: “All hands on deck” mentality gets the job done!

15) Schedule enough parent volunteers to decorate the classroom ahead of time. Make sure you plan enough help to hang plenty of streamers, blow up pastel colored balloons and set up festive party tables.
16) Think ahead for easy clean up. Disposable tablecloths, decorations, eating utensils and bowls make for easier clean up. Have plenty of trash bags and paper towels on hand as well.
17) If possible, schedule the same people that are helping decorate to also set up activity stations ahead of time or fill eggs with prizes for the Easter egg hunt. This will eliminate some of the last minute chaos.
18) Make sure it works! Don’t try to tackle something far beyond your comfort zone. A craft or game may look great online, but test it ahead of time. If you can’t do it, chances are the kids won’t be able to either!
19) Provide prizes. Some good ideas for prizes include small chocolate or Easter treat items, small outdoor toys, bubbles, pencils and notebooks, stickers, and other small novelties.
20) Ask ahead. Some donations can be day of, others you will need ahead of time so you can prep accordingly. Example: Have each parent contribute a small number of plastic eggs to the hunt days before so they can be stocked and filled ahead of time.

Party Goodies: A wide range of food choices will ensure everyone is happy and full.

21) Know the parameters for your classroom or school. Many classrooms have food guidelines. Your child’s may be peanut-free or there may be a specific allergy that you can make note of ahead of time.
22) Offer both healthy and “less than healthy” choices that appeal to most kids.
23) Combine a treat and an activity by decorating Easter shaped sugar cookies or frosting cupcakes. It keeps kids busy and is a fun and finger-licking way to provide students with an opportunity to create a tasty masterpiece.
24) Solicit food donations from parents. Bite-sized fruit like grapes & strawberries, rabbit platters (crudités) and other finger foods work out well.  
25) Keep it traditional with Easter basket goodies like haystack cookies, jellybeans, and peeps.

With well thought out preparation and plenty of parent support, your group will have tons of fun at this year’s spring party! Have a plan-tastic time!

By Helen LaGarde and Kate White