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end of school 2As the school year comes to a close, it is important to keep the focus on what's important and not be de-railed by kids getting anxious to get the summer started. Our Tips for Parents and Tips for Teachers sum up 50 ways to help manage the heavy schedule and change in attitude this season.

Tips For Teachers

As the weather warms and kids get antsy for summer break, things in the classroom can get chaotic. Here are some tips on how to stay in control while maintaining your sanity through the process.

26. Have a plan. Think through your end-of-year survival mechanisms and always stick with the plan. If the kids sense a lack of structure they will get off task easily.
27. Hang inspiring quotes around the classroom. Anything that will remind you to persevere instead of panic can help.
28. Think through Parent-Teacher conferences. Save time and energy by planning online this year.

Genius Tip: Check out the SignUpGenius Parent-Teacher Conference HOW-TO GUIDE and get started with your online scheduling today!

29. Sort school supplies. Figure out what will get you through the end of the year and note what you can save and use next year.
30. Plan more hands-on activities. Get the kids involved both mentally and physically.
31. Take time to release energy. Get kids up and moving, whether you do jumping jacks or just take 1-2 minute breaks between activities.
32. Make it fun. Pick a fun book to read to your class.
33. Make adjustments. Adjust the schedule so learning opportunities are in the morning when students have a better attention span.

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34. Spring cleaning. Organize parent and students to come help out before or after school for spring cleaning in the classroom. Sign Up your dates and times like in this EXAMPLE.
35. Meal Plan. At home, things will be busier too. Cook meals ahead or plan easy meals during the last month of school. Less to think about!
36. Get organized. Gather information for the principal on all of the students and their potential class placements for the next year.
37. Partner. Been teaching for years? Find a new teacher you can mentor. Newbie? Ask a seasoned teacher for some tips on managing those last couple of weeks.
?38. Be good to yourself. Set aside a little time every day and a chunk of time each weekend for “me time.”
39. Survival Kit. Parents asking how they can help? Think about what you need to make it through and enlist some help.

Genius Tip: Create a wish list for an End-of-Year survival kit and have students and parents collect items via an easy online sign up.

40. Breath of fresh air. Consider taking lessons outdoors on nice days for a change of scenery.
41. Don’t plan complicated projects. Keep it easy on parents and keep it easy on yourself. If it’s going to be a tough project to grade, plan it for another time!
42. Partner with older/younger grade. Plan special mentoring projects between the classes.
43. Do a Remembrance Activity. Scour the internet for fun ideas on how you can commemorate the school year. Look for end of school-year mementos your class will enjoy.
44. Ask for feedback. Have each student write a short note about what they liked or did not like that school year. Have parents weigh in too.
45. Coordinate a book swap with other teachers. Did you end up with 3 copies of the same book? Set a time to have teachers bring the ones they don’t need and exchange.
46. Be aware of tough student transitions. Keep in mind that not all students will be excited for summer. Connect with students that may not be as “at ease” with the transition to see how you can help.
47. We’re (almost) free! Plan a potluck with other teachers on work days after the kids are gone.

Genius Tip: Decompress together as you finish up the school year and clean out classrooms. Set up a sign up suggesting simple, easy dishes to share with the group. Potluck EXAMPLE.

48. Celebrate end of year achievements. It’s always encouraging to look back and see how much has been accomplished in a year.
49. Write personal notes to each student. Taking the time will really mean a lot and have a lasting impression on your students.
50. Complete year end assessment. What’s worked this year? What hasn’t? New challenges? Winning moments? Put it all in one place while it’s fresh in your mind.

Choose a few of these end-of-year survival tips to get you through the rest of school. You’re in the home stretch to finish off another successful year!

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