50 Teacher Appreciation Ideas

teacher appreciation ideas, thank you teacher lettersSchools across America take the time to celebrate teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week. The first full week in May has been designated a time to honor teachers for their passion, hard work and dedication to educating children. Here are 50 ways to thank teachers for being amazing. 

1. Ask teachers to fill out a survey about their favorite color, flower, snack, restaurants, etc. Share and use this information when giving gifts. 

2. Have each classroom adopt a teacher or assistant who isn’t dedicated to a particular class, so they are not forgotten. 

3. Send out voting ballots for students to decide who is Teacher of the Year, Funniest Teacher, Head Cheerleader (the teacher with the most school spirit), etc. Hand out awards at the end of the week. 

4. Make sure students are a part of the planning for Teacher Appreciation Week events.  Students will be more likely to participate and encourages others to join in, if they were included from the start. 

5. Have a “Dinner on Us” day. Parents can bring in prepared meals for teachers to take home for dinner. Use SignUpGenius to organize the meal sign ups.

Organize meal sign ups for teachers easily with a sign up! EXAMPLE

6. Organize students to create and display posters and banners around the school to show their appreciation for their teachers. 

7. Create a red carpet experience. Roll out a red carpet, complete with velvet ropes and have each teacher walk down the red carpet as they arrive at school. Have students on the sidelines to cheer the teachers on. 

8. Coordinate a breakfast or luncheon by using SignUpGenius for volunteer sign ups to bring food and paper goods. 

Online volunteer calendar sign up form
9. Establish a fund to help teachers pay for workshops at local colleges or attend training and conferences. 

10. Hire a few massage therapists to give 15-minute head, neck, and shoulder massages during teacher’s planning time. 

11. Invite all teachers to a reception in their honor hosted by PTO/PTA and school administration. Use SignUpGenius to coordinate volunteers and food donations. 

12. Hold a weeklong prize giveaway - one winner announced each day. The winning teacher chooses their prize from a selection of gift cards. 

Coordinate a gift basket from the classroom! See an example HERE!

13. Reach out within the community at grocery stores, restaurants, and movie theaters to donate gift cards as prizes for teachers. 

14. Invite students to design tablecloths on butcher paper to use for special meal or snack time for teachers. 

15. Encourage classrooms to make a memory book. Designate a team leader - a parent in each classroom, to ask students and parents to write their favorite memories from the year. 

16. Hold a pep rally for the teachers. Students can perform songs and skits themed around honoring their teachers. 

17. Organize a teacher’s baby picture contest and encourage students to make guesses. Award prizes to the top 3 teachers who stump the most kids.  

18. Fill a goody basket for your child’s teacher with all of his or her favorite items! Create a sign up to organize the gift basket items.

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