FAQs / Creating / Add New Dates and Times

Add New Dates and Times

To add additional dates and/or times to an existing sign up, log into your SignUpGenius account. From your account page, click the Created tab to locate the sign up. Select the pencil icon to the right of the sign up you wish to edit.

Go to the Slots tab. Here you will see existing dates and times.  

Click the Add Dates button.

After selecting the Add Dates button, you will see three options: Add from Calendar, Add Recurring Dates and Add Time Slots

For this example, I am adding Recurring Dates. After entering parameters for your recurring dates/times, locate 'Assign these dates/times to' at the end of the page.

The default setting will assign the newly added dates/times to All available slots. If the dates and times do not apply to all available slots, you will un-check 'All Available Slots' and assign only to the slots applicable to those dates/times. Here, I am choosing to assign the newly added dates/times to the existing slot for Concession Help (2).

Click Done and then click Add Dates which will add new dates/times and assign the dates and times to an existing slot.

If you do not want to assign the new dates/times to an existing slot, follow these steps:

Enter your new dates/times as described above. Click the dropdown arrow and uncheck any slot(s) that do not apply to the new date(s).

Click Done and then click the green Add button to complete this step. 

Notice that the new date does not have a slot assigned. In order for the new date to show on the live sign up, you will need to assign a slot to that date. Click Add Slots.

Enter the title, help comment, and number wanted for the new slot. Click the Calendar Icon to choose the date(s) you wish to assign the new slot to.

Click Done and then click the green Save button to assign your slot to the date(s) selected.

When you view your live sign up, you will see your new date(s), time(s), and slot(s).