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Choosing RSVP or Standard Sign Up Format

Create an RSVP Sign Up 

RSVP sign ups are recommended for single date events where a response from the invitee is required. To create an RSVP sign up, check out the steps here

Before choosing this specialized format, here are some tips for understanding RSVP Sign Ups:

  • The number of guests cannot be limited. In other words, if your sign up is broadcast to a large audience, there is no limit to the number of people who can respond ‘Yes’ to your invitation.
  • All invitees can choose the response: Yes, No or Maybe. Invitees can also choose to bring a guest. The Maybe option and the Guest option are part of the code for the RSVP format and cannot be removed.
  • You will not have the ability to collect payment on an RSVP format sign up.
  • Reminder emails are sent to all members in the group, regardless of their response. If you do not want those who have responded 'No' or those who have not responded at all to receive a reminder, delete their emails from the group assigned to the sign up. They will no longer be associated with the event.
  • To print the sign up data for RSVP only sign ups, choose the Print Version from the Admin Toolbar. If you want the data in an Excel spreadsheet, from the Admin Toolbar click Add/Edit/Delete People and highlight the table. Copy the data and paste it into your Excel worksheet. You can then delete any columns that are not needed. The option to create a custom report is not available for RSVP format sign ups. 
If the RSVP format is not right for your event, learn how to create a standard sign up here.